genoboost's unofficial valentines day mixtape UPDATE: album now offline

So I have hastily tossed together a quick mix of love songs for all the nerds and your significant others to enjoy! And I hope you do. If you decide to play this for them, definitely let me know how that went in the comments!

Also, since I don't really have permission to be releasing these tracks I will only be having this compilation available until the end of February, so grab the songs while you can! Most of the songs on this mix are free and in higher quality from each respective artist, so definitely check out each artists website!

Sorry kids! The album is now offline! Check out the links below and dig up the songs yourself though! Most of them are free and all of them are amazing! If so compelled though shoot me an email and I might hook you up!

Track listing
1. My GF is... by Dual Core from the album Lost Reality -
2. Erica by Joel Tetreault
3. Necrophilianomenon by ZeaLouS1 from the album Assimilation Process: Complete -
4. At The Arcade by Dan Plus Add from the album Matters of Great Importance -
5. Take My Hand, Take My Heart by Lumine Hall from This Album Stinks -
6. Less Than Three by Shael Riley -
7. Tecmo Bowl (in the style of T Rex) by XOC from the in progress album VGMITSO -
8. Orange Crush by hiphopmcdougal from the EP Time Circuits On -
9. I Love My Computer by Colon:P -
10. Aqua Soul (Robot Love) by Random from the album Mega Ran -
11. Laura's Lullaby by Elfonso from the album Tako wa chikyu o suku -
12. Bits and Pieces by Shael Riley from the album Toybox -
13. Splash Woman (produced by Samik) by Random from the album Mega Ran 9 -
14. Butterfly Kisses by The Depreciation Guild from the album In Her Gentle Jaws -
15. Rapgirl by MC Lars from the album The Graduate -
16. I Can't Run To You Fast Enough by Pixelh8 from the album The Boy With the Digital Heart -

The artwork for the album is originally by Steffo from My Parent's Favorite Music.

Nerdapalooza UK Saturday June 14th!

So Nerdapalooza UK is this very weekend. If you are anywhere in the UK you have to go! I heard England is pretty small so you don't really have an excuse. Anyway, here's MisterB, good friend and event coordinator to tell you all about it!

Just writing to let you know that after an intermittent year or so of planning, Nerdapalooza UK is now less than a week away, the big day being Saturday June 14th 2008. We have a pretty solid cross section of musical nerds representing their scenes and I'm very proud of how its all come together!

The line up currents stands as:

Amy Fan Flyy, Darlings of the touring circuit playing their 8-bit Power pop sound in support of their unfathomably adorably named album, "Dinosaurs go Rwarr"

Superpowerless, rising West Yorkshire group who after a small amount of gigs, have cultivated a passionate fan-base drawn to their guitar-fueled, chiptune melodies and hauntingly sweet vocals

Dan Plus Add, Digital Folk Rocker behind the recent single "Right Man in the Wrong Place" and popular Twitter Meme "The Coultometer" will be playing tracks from his new album "Matters of Great Importance" and debut album "Of FNARs and ZINGs". Expect sing-alongs!

Combat Dave, High Energy Chiptunist invited to play Nerdapalooza-UK following a bewildering opening set at Liverpool-based "Chipfest II"

Category, Father of UK-Nerdrap and veteran of Nerdapalooza's, having played at its very first incarnation in California, makes his way from Southampton to showcase tracks from his upcoming album "uk.geek.core"

The CamPanulas, rising from the seabed to share with you a goofy, let almost experimental blend of geeky yet cerebral lyrics and playful guitar rock

MisterB, Bradford resident and festival organiser known for a punk-style approach to rap vocals, as well as being one half of the "Letters vs Numbers" pod cast, opens the festival with energetic nerdcore.

It is, the best to my knowledge, the first festival of its kind in the UK, the first of many I hope! With any luck, it will inspire a new wave of Brit dudes and dudettes to sneak onto Myspace with songs about Red Dwarf, H2G2, and the Amiga!

Come on down, Delius Pub, Claremont Street, Bradford (near the University!) I will buy you a pint!

Matters of Great Importance - Dan Plus Add album release

Dan Plus Add has released his highly anticipated second album Matters of Great Importance to the world at large today. Well, actually it comes out tomorrow, but where he lives, the UK, it is tomorrow! Moving on though, I have been listening to this album quite a bit, thanks to an advance copy i received, and find the album incredibly catchy and well done!

You can grab the album at DPA's official website The album is available as a free 128kbps mp3 download, or for the more highbrow, you can purchase the album in 320kbps mp3's or FLAC versions. Either way, definitely get this album!

Letters VS Numbers episode 001: "Mistakes Will Be Made"

DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S PODCAST or Subscribe to our podcast AT THIS FEED!

I want to announce Mister B and I's new endeavor! A podcast dedicated to a diverse array of Video Game Inspired Music and Nerdcore!

This week is our inaugaral podcast! Episode 001. That's right, all those zero's mean we plan on doing over one hundred podcasts someday! Anyway, this week's podcast is one and a half hours, although the planned goal is 1 hour for future shows. We also plan on busting out more songs more often.

Anyway, in this episode, we discuss Voodoo invoking rappers, scandals that will make you drop your tea cup in horror, Mister B's girl advice, and even why I hate Scott McCloud. Not to mention all that wonderful Nerd music that our podcast is built around!

Tracks played this week.
Dan Plus Add - Wikiversity [EXCLUSIVE]
8 Bit Instrumental - Vacation in Miranda's Beach? (Ending Theme)
Emergency Pizza Party - Bottle Breakin
The Adventures of Duane and Brand0 - Duck Hunt
Stunt Junkies - Sperm Donor
Jay Tholen - Drift Downstream

Websites mentioned this week.

Send podcast feedback, praise, suggestions, etc to lettersvsnumberspodcast AT gmail DOT com


Dan Plus Add is: The Right Man in the Wrong Place

Well, maybe not exactly, but nerdy, though not necessarily nerdcore artist Dan Plus Add has created an amazing song about a more modern classic video game, which I don't get to mention enough on this site. Dan explains his track below.

In honour of it's awesomeness, I've recorded a song I wrote about the Half-Life series and its mysterious, silent protagonist. If you're not familiar with it, you should be; unless exciting, modern shooters with excellent gameplay, an engaging story, brilliant graphics and a fantastic soundtrack aren't your sort of thing. The song is called "The Right Man in the Wrong Place", and it is going to be on the upcoming album. As always, you can download it for free.

You can download the song from Dan Plus Add's website, or right through this link.