The Best Of Video Game Remix – Level 1 compilation from Console Alliance

Recently our friends over at the gaming site Console Alliance have collected and released a free download of a great collection of video game inspired music. Included are several classic and new remixed tracks from well known VG inspired musicians. With the likes of zircon, djpretzel, Joshua Morse and many more this is a collection you can't go wrong with. The remixes themselves span a wide strata of games, from Pilotwings to Mirror's Edge, there are games old and new, and of pretty much every conceivable genre. You can grab the album at the Console Alliance's download page for the album Also of note is that if you join the Console Alliance community, you will get a special version of the album, with five more bonus remixes.

Click through to check out the track list. Tracklisting (for the non-member version) 1. Altered Beast - The Fallen's Grave - The Coop 2. Mario Paint - Intense Color - SGX & Sephfire 3. Portal - Still Alive (Raddox Remix) 4. Super Mario 64 - Devastation's Doorway - Sole Signal 5. Crash Bandicoot 2 -Tangerine Channel - Rexy 6. Metal Gear Solid 4 - Old Snake Techno Remix - Dimitris Athanasiou 7. Ecco The Dolphin - Eternal Abyss - Gray Lightning 8. Golden Axe - Death Adder Trance - Dj Pretzel 9. Pilotwings 64 'Midnight Altitude' - JCD 10. Earthworm Jim - Acrophobia - about-blank 11. Extreme-G - G-Storm (Extended) - bLiNd 12. Half Life 2 - That Long Train Ride - DJ Dain 13. Super Mario World - Monstrous Turtles! - Zircon 14. Mario Kart 64 - Frappe Cafe Vibe - Joshua Morse 15. Mirrors Edge Remix - Run Free In Heaven - CrimzonWolf777 16. Hitman Codename 47 - Chained to a Barcode - Rayagon

OverClocked ReMix turns ten - 1999-2009

ocremix 10years So I have just learned that the one and only, the amazing OverClocked ReMix, has turned 10 years old on this very day. Because of this occasion I feel like I should point out their amazing contributions a little and give a much deserved nod in their direction since basically, without OCReMix, there would more than likely be no Game Music 4 All. I implore each person reading this to let OCReMix know how much you appreciate their continued work (perhaps by purchasing yourself or someone else a nice Christmas gift) and spread the word to each and every person who may not know of the nearly 2000 incredible songs currently hosted. That's not to mention the just as incredible soundtrack remix projects that OCR is host to.

Site creator David Lloyd had a few words to say about this day as well.

"When I started this site in my parent's basement back in 1999, I thought it would be a fun diversion that could help me get better at making music, but also serve as an outlet for VGM fans everywhere to pay homage to their favorite songs. When I was much younger, I remember tape-recording the output from my Sega Master System and making mixtapes filled with Alex Kidd, Shinobi, and Space Harrier music. I've always loved VGM, especially for its strong original melodies, and this site seemed like a good way to express that. While I didn't have any idea it would become what it is today, I did have a certain faith - faith that there were others like me, faith that the Internet was full of a lot of talented people who would contribute their music and their time and their energy freely, and faith that we could show the world that video game music is an art form."

I, myself remember recording the music from F-Zero into a cassette tape myself, so people like us have always been out there, and we are all glad this site exists now. Thank you to everyone who has helped make OCR what it is today. Most of all site founder David "DJ Pretzel" Lloyd and the tons of incredible ReMix artists who have contributed music to the site over all these years. I have spent more time enjoying and appreciating your arrangements over the past several years than I can even fathom.

After the break I have included an article I originally wrote for The Start Screen a few months ago, detailing a little bit of why OCReMix is so amazing. Now, above most all else, this is the number one site I expect all gamers to have bookmarked. Whether you are casual or hardcore, retro or new school. No matter who you are, if you love video games in any form you have to know about OverClocked ReMix.

Now at first I was a little hesitant to write this article, feeling safe in the assumption that everyone knows about the majesty and the glory that is OCReMix ( But I decided to write this article anyway, because there must be at least one fellow who has not heard, or perhaps I am so entrenched in VGM myself that it is hard to think that anyone may be unaware of the site, but I may have that completely backwards and the site may still inhabit just a small corner of the internet. So here we go for the uninformed, or the only slightly informed.

OCReMix started it's humble beginnings back in the internet stone age of 1999. That is before Myspace and Facebook, before pretty much any and all the gaming sites you read today. Before the PS2 came out, and back when most people had *gasp* Dial Up Internet. The site has grown by leaps and bounds since then. The amount of tracks has grown to incredible proportions, the community around it has also grown exponentially. The songs have continued to be more diverse in both style and video game selection. The site has even had it's share of great April Fool's jokes. OCR has even gone so far as to garner the attention of several video game composers, with some even submitting their own remixes to the site.

OCReMix came full circle as well recently when the community of musicians came together to recreate the entire soundtrack of Street Fighter II to be included as the official soundtrack on the Capcom remake Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. (You can check out the entire soundtrack free at this link) So after a decade of paying tribute to classic video game tunes, a video game company pays tribute to such an enthusiastic community by letting them be involved in that game making process.

The site boasts literally thousands of video game music rearrangements from most all classic games imaginable, not to mention plenty of obscure cult classics as well. They also have remixes in practically any style imaginable. Looking for a laid back samba groove of Super Mario Bros 3? No problem. How about a rock ballad about Air Man from Mega Man II? Done. Jazz remix of Super Mario RPG? Of course! Well you get the idea. There is truly something for everyone at this site for any gamer and for a fan of any type of music. It really can't be stressed enough how great this site is for finding amazing new artists and genres to be interested in.

Be sure to head over to right now and check it out often as new music is constantly added all the time. I can easily go on for sometime about all the qualities of OCReMix and what they have done for the VG inspired music community and endless amounts of video game fans. The most important thing though is just that the website is incredible, the music is fantastic, and basically, there just should not be a single gamer that doesn't know about this magnificent site.

Now I finish with a remix that is very incredible, yet I seem to have completely skipped over until very recently. This is OCR01861: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Sacred Flute OC ReMix


Into The Score 26 - All’s Fair in Strife and Crisis

It's high time for another amazing look into the art, history, and sheer awesomeness of video game music with Kenley Kristofferson. That is right! Time for Into The Score 26 - All’s Fair in Strife and Crisis. As the name suggests, this episode Kenley delves into the music from recent Square PSP title Crisis Core, as well as looking at the broader topic of FFVII and it's legacy. The episode is also filled to the brim with plenty of special guests, including David "DJ Pretzel" Lloyd and Larry "Liontamer" Oji from OverClocked ReMix, as well as Kyle Wynen and Laren McFadden from the FXN Final Fantasy XIII podcast.

As always the show is insightful and informative and worth every second to listen to. As always I have to give a huge amount of respect to Kenley for going out of his way to pay tribute to video game music in such detail like no one else does. Kenley is definitely a stand out person in the VGM community and deserves all the praise he gets. I have learned a ton about both music and VGM history from him and his podcast so I for one definitely owe him thanks.


Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Soundtrack released by OCRemix community

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Soundtrack. Wow, if that wasn't a mouthful before. Anyway, DJ Pretzel has announced via OverClocked ReMix that the soundtrack to capcoms new downloadable remake of SF2 is now available free from the site. Hit this link right here to check out an incredible album of new music from AE, Shael Riley, Grammar Club, DJ Pretzel, Zircon, Mazedude, and a ton more!

The album is 66 tracks all remakes of songs from the original SFIITurbo. Worth a download for everyone who use to spend their quarters at the local arcade back in the day.

In fact I am downloading the torrent now!

DJ Pretzel interviewed on Internet Superstars

Hey everyone, I'm a little late, but check out this interview with the one and only DJ Pretzel of OCReMix fame. Martin Sargent (The Screen Savers, Unscrewed with Martin Sargent) just released his latest episode of Internet Superstar, episode #60, in which he interviews DjP and gives a good introductory overview of OCR, and it's current and future projects.

And to talk about the interview further, be sure to head over to the proper OCR forum thread!