The Sun Sagas - A Musical Tribute to the Golden Sun Series from PokérusVGM

Paying homage to a life changing classic

I've been beating around the bush every time it comes time to talk about this album. The fact is, Golden Sun holds a very special place in my heart, as it was one of the first Nintendo games I got into after a brief hiatus from video games in my younger days. Once I dove back into the GS series, all my beloved memories of childhood, leveling up and fighting epic bosses in classic RPGs like Chrono Trigger and FFVI. The Golden Sun series kept that tradition alive for the handheld set, with three wonderful classics from Nintendo & Camelot.

Pokerus apparently feels the same way about the series, and has created nearly two dozen metal rearrangements from the series, originally composed by the eminent Motoi Sakuraba.

“The Sun Sagas” is an entire tribute to some of the best tracks from the Golden Sun Series Soundtrack composed by the Mighty Motoi Sakuraba.

Recorded between August 2014 and May 2015, this album pays tribute to one of the games I played most in my childhood, helping me to escape from the real world problems and that kind of stuff. This music is so important to me, so I made this to say thank you to all of those beautiful memories from the past.

I really hope you like it! :D
— Pokerus