genoboost reviews 1982 Namco arcade game Bosconian

genoboost reviews 1982 Namco arcade game Bosconian

As a lowly teenager, I spent most of my time angsting and playing video games, but as a lowly poor person, there were times when video games were hard to come by. For a slight cross section of those two circumstances there wasn't even a console in my life, there was a mere joystick. That joystick housed five classic Namco games. Dig-Dug. Played it. Galaxian. Played it. Pac-Man. Let's just say my nerd cred is legit yo.

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Going beyond old school in a review of 1982 Namco arcade game Bosconian

I recently wrote an article taking a look at the forgotten arcade classic Bosconian.

Bosconian is a multi-directional, space invaders style arcade game produced by Namco over thirty years ago. It's hard to believe such an innovative game could have been so forgotten, but here we are. In researching the article, I even found a severe lack of any kind of Bosconian related fan art. This game truly is a gaping hole of unknowledge, threatening all those who dare seek knowledge of it. Or maybe it just wasn't a very memorable game, especially on western shores.

Check out the article now up on Game N Train and learn all about the history, gameplay, and my own personal pet peeves about Bosconian.