Final Fantasy V The Fabled Warriors - Volume 1 Wind OCReMix compilation release

The folks of OverClocked ReMix are at it again. After the huge success that was their last compilation, Serious Monkey Business, folks from OCR have banded together once again to pay tribute to an overlooked classic from the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy V The Fabled Warriors is that tribute. The first album of this five part series is available now at the official site, and boasts some incredible talent, including some of my favorites such as Sixto Sounds and Another Soundscape.

The album kicks off with some intense rocking courtesy of Sixto Sounds and the opening track The Path to Glory ~Theme of Bartz~. From there we hear an ear catching rendition of In the Shadows ~Theme of Thief~ by Another Soundscape. He creates a catchy, eccentric movement that adds a ton of texture to this song. Darkesword works his magic on his track Little Black Book ~Theme of Black Mage~, an up tempo hip hop styled ominous mix that brings the mood to a subterranean dance lair. Another incredible track comes our way thanks to Zircon and Vessel of the Void ~Theme of Exdeath~, a foreboding industrial track that might be my favorite piece on the album so far. This first chapter of this series comes to a close with DarkeSword and his wonderful rendition of this albums title theme, See You Next Time ~WIND~.

You must know by now, that this being OCR and all, that the album is available for free download, so hurry up and grab this amazing tribute at and start twiddling your thumbs in anticipation of Water, which looks to be set for release early 2011!

OverClocked ReMix releases Humans + Gears: Xenogears ReMixed

One of the main, and definitely one of the most well known places for video game inspired music, OverClocked ReMix has debuted their newest collective effort, this time in honor of the amazing Yasunori Mitsuda and his amazing soundtrack to the game Xenogears. Humans + Gears: Xenogears ReMixed is an amazing two disc tribute to the classic PSX title from Square-Enix (then known simply as Square). As with all releases, this one includes a wide variety of amazing musicians taking part in this project, including the likes of Skrypnyk, the prophet of mephisto, Avaris, Level 99, E-Bison, and that is just a small sample of the artists contributing. The album, just like everything else from OCReMix, is 100% free to download, and this album is available at You can download the full album there, as well as individual tracks. You can also help out their bandwidth by torrenting the album as well.

To explain more about the compilation, I present Avaris' (who also produced the album) write up from the website.

The album is an arrangement of the soundtrack for the classic RPG Xenogears. Many artists from the video game arrangement community have come together to create this album. The original soundtrack is by legendary composer Yasunori Mitsuda. With impeccable work ethic and a sense for melody and texture he created one of the most emotional soundtracks of all time.

Humans and Gears was a lengthy undertaking. The project began in the summer of 2006. Many Xenogears arrangement albums have been released in the past. The albums tries to re-envision the soundtrack in a new yet familiar way. We set out to create two unique albums in one. The first album features songs with a focus on natural elements and a "Human" touch. The second album is dark in tone and electronic in texture, symbolising the fear and destruction of "Gears." Artists were given complete creative freedom to express and reimagine the game in a new sonic format. We hope the listeners relive part of the amazing story and music that is Xenogears through this album. Thank you to all of the artists for your hard work and relentless dedication towards completion of this wonderful project.

Welcome to Humans and Gears, and enjoy the journey... again!