Bit Gen Gamer Fest announced for August 14, 2010

Looks like those rowdy VG rockers over on the east coast are at it again. And it appears that the sequel to the 8,16,32, and 64-Bit Genocides are announced and bigger than ever. The folks have done away with such trivialities as amounts of bits, announcing Bit Gen Gamer Fest!

The folks behind the show have already announced a whopping ten bands who will be throwing down this year. Folks coming out to this epic event will be hearing from Armadillo Tank, Rare Candy, The X-Hunters, The Ultraball, This Place Is Haunted, The OneUps, Year 200X, The Megas, Entertainment System, and Powerglove. If that isn't enough, we also have word that Youtube sensation BrentalFloss will be MCing the entire event.

This is all happening August 14th in Baltimore, MD. You can check out more of the event at their official site or via their Facebook and Myspace pages.

Armadillo Tank - We Are Not Men debut album

If you were at this past MAGFest a couple weeks ago you no doubt heard the up and coming VG metal group Armadillo Tank help rock the place. For those who weren't so lucky, the group has released their debut album We Are Not Men to order in CD form over at their official store where you can also grab an awesome T-Shirt or two. You can also check out Armadillo Tank's Bandcamp page to listen to the album in it's entirety online, and buy a digital copy of the album.

The album kicks off with a rough and tumble war march style intro which dives into the meat of the album with a rendition of Alien Crush. This song definitely shows off the bands signature style of lo-fi singing and screaming on top of some heavy drums and grinding distorted guitar work. Moving on a little more we hear a great re-imagining of a personal favorite, Mega Man X Spark Mandrill. Starting off with primal drums and slow chords, the song starts to come together into something more recognizable with the introduction of the lyrics about 45 seconds in. At this point we break into an intense hardcore rendition of a familiar theme. With both deep growls and strong vocals mixing together. This brings us crashing through the song which has an excellent but short drum breakdown at about the halfway mark as well. This song is a personal favorite of mine on the album, and is definitely worth checking out specifically.

The album also takes us through quite a few overlooked and unfamiliar VGM tracks of days gone by, with tracks like Amagon, Smurfs, and the aforementioned Alien Crush, this band has definitely gone out of their way to pay homage to some overlooked tracks with some impressive results. If no the unlikely chance that someone you know states that the smurfs are "totally not metal" you can point to this bands wild west style rendition, and nod at them slowly. We also have some more familiar tunes of course, with the likes of music from Silver Surfer, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, and some more great Mega Man tunes from games 2 and 9 respectively.

Another stand out track to me is near the end of the album. TMNT 4 has a driving classic calm before the storm attitude to it that seems to bring one back to a more grungy rock era. The quick paced drums coupled with the slowly, somewhat somber guitar riffs really make this a stand out track on the album and in VG Rock music in general. Another definite listen from the album, and great argument for purchasing the full CD.

I'm glad to finally hear some music from this band. Not just that, but their full album, which I have been highly anticipating since pIENESS, lead singer for this band, and a GM4A supporter from the beginning, announced it a while back. Not to mention other great musicians and friends Raub, Cetera, Darmock, and Geotarkus. The fusion of styles and rock attitude makes for a stand out treat for folks looking for something a bit dirtier in their VGM.

MAGFest VIII announces final bands; all out of gum

At only a month and a half away, MAGFest 8 is right around the corner, and with that the MAGFest dissemination campaign is a go! If you watched the video above you know about one of the special guests who will be there, but word from Nick at the MAGFest camp has given word about some more guests including famed game developer Sid Meier.

Alongside the new guests, the final four bands have been added to the all star roster of VG influenced performances. Let's just do the list thing here, featuring the 100% full roster of amazing artists. It should be noted that none of the bands will have any gum either, which we hope is indicative of something or other.

Final bands added
The OneUps
Select Start
Entertainment System
The Megas

Previously announced bands
Metroid Metal
Temp Sound Solutions
Rare Candy
The Smash Brothers
Armadillo Tank
This Place is Haunted

So if you are on the East Coast, nay, on Earth, head over to and sign up for the fest right now. Unless of course you want The Duke ripping off your head, go to MAGFest.

64 Bit Genocide in one month! August 22nd in Baltimore, MD

So we have experienced genocide from 8 Bit to 32 Bit, but once again the powers that be have doubled and we are now on the edge of a massive 64 Bit Genocide. Ten bands, several amazing video game influenced artists. Just unbelievable. If you are anywhere near Baltimore then you have no excuse to miss out on what is arguably one of the biggest and best showcases of video game inspired music and art anywhere.

With endless amounts of amazing bands including The Protomen, Entertainment System, Rare Candy, Year 200X, This Place is Haunted (who have a new album coming out soon) Cheap Dinosaurs, X Hunters, Armadillo Tank, The Ultraball, and all the way from across the country The Megas. Not only this but word has it that Entertainment System and The Megas are working on an amazing album project together titled Megatainment which is all set to be debuted at this show. If you are on the east coast of the US you have absolutely no reason to miss what is arguably one of the most epic nights in VGrock anywhere!

Show details are below.
2549 Howard Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Doors for the show will open at
5 o'clock, and the show will end at around 1 o'clock.
Tickets are $17 dollars, and are available
now through this link.

JamSpace, OCReMix, concerts and more at Otakon in Baltimore, MD July 17th-19th

So Right after Nerdapalooza (Don't worry, I am working on that lengthy post) comes Otakon! and Dom (of MAGFest fame, and of course, brilliant musician, and host of Dom's Live Videogame Music Show) has informed me that Otakon ( is the place to be for VGM lovers such as you and I.

For those in the Baltimore, Maryland area, you can look forward to the ever amazing JamSpace, which is an incredible all day room filled with instruments for any and all musicians to take a crack at. This once experiment of MAGFest is now a beloved tradition and host to some amazing moments in VG inspired music history. Amazing sets, insane collaborations, and hilarious jam sessions all take place in what is the ever incredible JamSpace.

On top of this there is also word that there will be an OCReMix discussion panel going on at 6 PM on the Saturday of the event. Should be filled with some amazing talent, and very interesting discussion about vgm and the ocremix community. And what about the concerts!? Oh man, are there some concerts! Friday night, starting at 5 PM, Otakon is host to the incredible Random AKA Mega Ran. Not to mention the ever hard rocking and experimental This Place is Haunted (who have some new songs from their upcoming album available to listen to by the way)! The insanity doesn't stop there though, as Baltimore locals Armadillo Tank and Dom's band Rare Candy storm the stage Saturday at 1:30 PM and 3 PM respectively.

If that isn't enough to satiate your thirst for awesome VGM shenanigans than you are simply impossible to please. Definitely check out the show, and say hi to Dom as well for organizing JamSpace and generally kicking ass!