Virt Week continues with UN Squadron rearrangement by the Smash Brothers


Virt is a man of many hats, and the number two song on the countdown is a testament to that. Along with Ailsean, Norg, and many others, Virt takes part in the incredible super band known as the Smash Brothers. This gathering of elite VGM talent is behind the number two song on the Virt week countdown.

Shaking Hands With the Devil is a full band rearrangement of the incredible Air Division stage of the SNES version of Capcom's UN Squadron. The Smash Brothers' hard hitting heavy metal rendition is right in line with the non stop shoot-em-up action of the classic sidescrolling shooter. The song comes from the Bacon EP, which I reviewed after its release in January 2010. The song has only continued to grow on me since then.

A few facts about UN Squadron.

  • Titled Area 88 in Japan, the game is actually based on a Manga series of the same name. (The number 88 can still be seen in many sections of the game, including the introduction, and as the symbol for completed missions.
  • The game had completely different composers for the Arcade and SNES versions of the game. Manami Matsumae (also known for her work on the original Mega Man titles) &
    Takashi Tateishi composed the lesser known arcade version of UN Squadron while Mari Yamaguchi &
    Yoshihiro Sakaguchi worked on the SNES version of the game.
  • Coming full circle, Manami Matsumae arranged two tracks for Jake Kaufman's soundtrack to Shovel Knight.

Watch LONELYROLLINGSTARS perform a rock remix of "Royal Rainbow Road" from Mario Kart Double Dash


The fully capitalized LONELYROLLINGSTARS have recently published their first music video on their brand new, official Youtube channel.

Listen to the soaring sounds of niche classic Mario Kart Double Dash!! from the oft-forgotten Gamecube era. This song makes me continue to hold out hope that Co-op play will one day be reintroduced to the Mario Kart series.

"Alas, my children, the time has come for cosmic reconfiguration. The portion of my being known as Grant "Stemage" Henry has graduated to realms beyond my reach. May this prince soar for a fulfilling portion of eternity. But indeed the stars hath bestowed upon me a puzzle piece identical in shape to the gap left behind. I beseech you welcome into the fortress of our heart the newest Lonely Rolling Star: Ryan "MegaBeardo" Postlethwait.

Videogame Rock supergroup LONELYROLLINGSTARS debut album CARNIVORTEX


A group of VG Musicians have fallen into a black hole and reached the singularity. The result? Scientists can only describe it as a CARNIVORTEX. The debut album by LONELYROLLINGSTARS bursts with lively arrangements from the supergrouping of Ailsean, Cubosh, finbeard, norg, and Stemage. From the intricately rearranged cover of the Gamecube start screen, I knew this album was going to be something else entirely.

The group absolutely crushes it arena rock style in the stemage arranged "LONELYR~.BAT" an energy filled prog rock rendition of Lonely Rolling Star from Katamari Damacy. Like any great album, the ending song is both lengthy, soaring, and memorable. I may have listened to this grande finale as many times as every other song on the album combined. 

As the song, and album come to a close, the instruments appear to dwindle until a jarring break brings the song back to its raucous beginnings, sending the album out with a bang. Simultaneously blowing my mind, and making me hit replay on this album again.

20 Years of Metroid

It’s now the 20th anniversary of a game known as Metroid. Metroid made it’s debut on the NES oh so long ago. So get your friends together and reminisce about all the great times you’ve had with Samus Aran over the years. Remember how difficult Metroid was. How amazed you felt during the final boss fight with Mother Brain in Super Metroid. How about waiting and waiting for the Metroid 64 that never arrived?
While remembering all those great Metroid memories, from the original to the anticipation of playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and using Zero Suit Samus in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, why not listen to some great Metroid remixes that can be found all over this wonderful internet?
Check out all the remixes over at OverClocked ReMix including Metroid, Metroid 2: Return of Samus, Metroid 3: Super Metroid, and Metroid Prime. They also have their Relics of the Chozo project site up still, for anyone who can listen to ogg vorbis formatted music or anyone that uses torrent programs to download. Also many bands have their covers and remixes. You can hear these songs on the bands pages. Bands include

The Advantage (and here)
Brian Davis
The Final Sacrifice
theGREENzebra (i.e. the fellow that runs MAGfest; songs in ogg format)
Metroid Metal (of course)
Minibosses (the track at the very bottom)
Nintendoom (RIP)
Parasprinter (music video on youtube)
Two Playa Game (a song they said would never be put on their website.)

Also for those interested in the history of Metroid or just want to remember all the good times. 1UP has an article covering Metroid’s history entitled One Girl Vs the Galaxy. You also might want to check out Metroid Guide and The Metroid Database for more info about the series.