HarleyLikesMusic returns with The Sixth Extinction

The world's most active KORG DS-10 artist, HarleyLikesMusic has just released a new 10-track album through Pterodactyl Squad entitled The Sixth Extinction.

HarleyLikesMusic's debut on Pterodactyl Squad is an epic concept album: the soundtrack to various threats (zombies, aliens and dinosaurs) to the earth's human population. Using his Nintendo DS Harley creates industrial synth sounds and sets them to bouncy rhythms, but on The Sixth Extinction he gives his music a decidedly dark twist.

This guy is the world's premier KORG DS-10 musician for a reason - now you can find out why.

You can also hear Harley explain the whole concept behind the release through his Soundcloud page (with Joe of the Gamewave Podcast).