OMG Blocks! iPhone puzzle game giveaway

UPDATE: This contest is now over. Thanks for participating! Original post below.

Recently some friends of GM4A over at AGOG entertainment have created an awesome iPhone game in the vein of over the top puzzlers like Tetris Attack and Meteos. The result is OMG Blocks!. Rather than sit here explaining just how the blocks are moved and connected in this game in some strange esoteric writing, I believe it is far easier to just say, check out this video!

Unfortunately I do not have an iPhone to partake in the fun, but luckily, the AGOG folks are more than happy to help some of our readers out there experience their game. First off, us being a VGM website and all, I have to mention that you can download an extended version of Robert Hubert's track COMBO from the trailer over at the OMG Blocks! site. Of course you can also download the game for your iPhone (or iPod, or iPad) while you are over there (or directly through iTunes) for the miserly fee of two dollars.

I assume many of you are curious as to the giveaway mentioned in the title of this post though. Well along with the free MP3, AGOG has been kind enough to supply us with not just one, but three free download codes for the game! So for all you fine readers, here is how you enter for a chance to win a download of OMG Blocks!.

Well for three download codes, you have three different chances to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post letting us know what your favorite puzzle game ever is.
  2. Follow GM4A on twitter at @genoboost and tweet at me, telling me about your favorite puzzle game. You MUST be following us on twitter as well to be eligible this way.
  3. Finally, you can like us over at and leave a comment on our facebook wall telling us all about your favorite puzzle game. You MUST like us on facebook to be eligible this way.

From all these entries, we will select three separate individuals to receive one download code for OMG Blocks!. You can enter all three methods, but can only win once. The contest will conclude on Saturday, September 18th, 2010. Winners will be contacted via Twitter, Email, or Facebook after the contest ends. Winners must respond by one week after being contacted or the prize will be forfeited and a new winner chosen.

Also note, if you leave a comment here, please be sure to enter an email address which you check regularly!

Now good luck and get commenting!