Elfonso self titled debut album

Those that know me, know that I can't stop talking about how amazing I find the band Elfonso. So you can rest assured that as soon as I received the new self titled full length album from the group I proceeded to set it to replay and absorb the CD for a good while.

The album contains tons of new songs, along with brand new recordings of tracks like the classic Master Quest. I hope to weigh in on this album in a lengthy review not too far from now, but would like to point out that some great stand out tracks are the upbeat Parody Us as well as the somber but heartfelt Zoe's Song. The entire album is a collection of amazing songs though if you were to ask me!

You can grab Elfonso's debut full length from iTunes as well as their brand new website elfonso.co.uk. There is definitely no band like elfonso in the VGM world, and are well worth checking out!