I Fight Dragons - Cool is Just a Number EP release

I was recently made aware via Twitter about a Chicago based band known as I Fight Dragons which is best described as Nintendo Pop Rock. They have been making waves in their hometown and now seem to be catching everyone else's eye via that internet thing with their Cool is Just a Number EP. I myself have given it a good few listens since I got a hold of it and must say it is one of the catchiest albums I have had a chance to enjoy lately. I am most partial to the songs Heads Up, Hearts Down, and the wonderful closing track and my personal favorite song on the EP, With You.

The band is currently running a bit of a promotion for you lucky folks right now too, if you sign up for the bands mailing list (linked to here) you will receive a free digital copy of the album. Be wary though as word from the band is that this promotion will only be happening for about the next month!

For those who prefer a physical copy or want to just support the band with a few dollars you can purchase a physical copy for $5 through this Reckless Records link or purchase a digital copy through the iTunes store

Now to wait for them to tour to California. I will be twiddling my thumbs until then.