Dual Core finishes work on Lost Reality, release date set.

Looks like Dual Core, one of the greatest and probably the hardest working nerdcore duo today, have just finished up their latest album! Lost Reality is 15 tracks of brand new songs from the team of Int Eighty and C64. I was tossed a review version earlier (review coming soon of course) this week and must say, folks will be very impressed by how amazing and catchy these songs are. Also the diverse range of topics they hit upon. Not to mention the diverse styles of music they use, and the guests they ahve on this compilation.

The release date is set to coincide with Dual Core's Notacon show on April 4th. So if you are in Ohio, hit up the show and grab yourself a copy of the album! For everyone else, the album will also be released on Dual Core's website around the same time!