Interview with Powerglove

Our current Band of the Month for March 2007, Powerglove, were kind enough to answer a few questions we sent their way. Read up and learn the burning truths behind these metal rockers. Names: Chris Marchiel Alex Berkson Nick Avila Bassil Silver-Hajo

How old are you?: 20-22

How long have you been performing music under this name? Two years.

How long have you been performing music in general? Far too long. Since we all were 13 or so.

Is this your first band? what former bands were you in and what music did they play? We were all in a melodic death metal band several years ago, called Revengeance. The line-up was always changing, and Chris was actually in it 3 separate times. Aside from that, we've been in dozens of bands collectively. However, we weren't nearly cool enough to play death metal (you have to be cool to play death metal?), so we switched to video game music.

Where did you get the idea for your band name? Our old guitarist, Ben Durgin, thought of it. He didn't last with the band, but the name stuck.

Where do you currently reside? 3 of live together in Boston, and Nick basically sleeps in the hallway. We essentially have a ridiculously sad bachelor pad, with a 150 inch projection screen and take out boxes for a carpet.

What was the first video game console you ever owned? what memories do you have with it? Chris: My brother got NES for christmas when i was 5. To this day I don't think he ever got the controoler out of my hands.

Nick: I actually never had a system until I got older, so I was subjected to watching my neighbor play Chrono Trigger all day, only getting the controller when he left to take a shit.

Alex: Hand-me-down Atari.

What is your favorite console? Why? We thought we'd arguing over this one, but we all said Super Nintendo. So many great games, coming out at just the right time in our lives. Atari Jaguar is obviously second.

What is your favorite video game soundtrack? Why? Alex: Guilty Gear. What's better than that?

Nick: No way. It's FFVII.

Chris: I'd say FFIV and FFVI. IV is more consistent, VI has some great tracks. Bassil really likes the Neverhood music.

What is your favorite band/artist? Why? Chris: Malice Mizer, and only Malice Mizer.

Alex: Arch Enemy, Kamelot, Dimmu Borgir as my top three.

Chris: Good choices.

Nick: Opeth. Opeth. Opeth.

Chris: Also good.

What is your favorite video game? Why? Alex: Warcraft III.

Nick: Ghostbusters for NES, second to that, Chrono Trigger.

Chris: Nah, fuck that. Spiritual Warfare by Wisdom Tree. Seriously, Secret of Mana.

Everyone but Nick: Smash Bros.

Nick: I hate you guys.

Do you still play a lot of video games? which ones have you been playing most lately? Yeah, we all do. We can't beat Vergil in Devil May Cry III, if we don't beat him tomorrow, we're done for life.

What type of music besides video game music has influenced you most? Metal.

When did you first start making video game related music? Alex started recording some guitar themes a few years ago, then we all slowly started abandoning the thought of playing real music when we realized how fun this was. Most of us wanted to do this for a while while growing up, like so many other people. It's amazing how many bands were spawned from the NES.

What instruments and electronics do you use to make your music? Traditional metal group, two guitars, bass, and drums. We use lots of keyboards and orchestral stuff in recordings and live as well. We tried to find a vocalist, but never found the right voice, so here we are.

Any advice to other people trying to make it in this genre of music? Since there are a million bands doing this now, you have to have a gimmick on top of a gimmick to differentiate yourself. So try to be a little original even in the context of the video game music scene. Like any genre of music, to really have to stand out to be remembered. Being "The Video Game Band" just doesn't work anymore.

I would like to thank Powerglove for taking out time for this interview. Remember to check them out at or their official myspace at