Listen to Final Fantasy rearrangement FF1HD - Airship Theme by Cameron Combe by genoboost


Listen to this breezy rearrangement of the Airship Theme music from the NES original Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy has been one of the longest running series in video game history, despite the strange turns and odd gambles they take on the franchise. I certainly have my favorite FF titles, namely FFVI and FFIX, but several others are mixed in as highly memorable classic games for me.

What Final Fantasy games have you enjoyed the most? Do you still listen to the soundtracks to FF games?

Losap debut album Party Sometimes 'Gamewave' chiptune album by genoboost


Laid back 'gamewave' chiptunes from the mysterious Losap. I honestly couldn't find out much about this fellow on a few rudimentary searches. All I dug up was a smattering of unrelated posts over on

Normally, I do this to send some love each musicians way, with a twitter link, or a soundcloud page, but due to Losap's general anonymity I can do no such favors this time. So if you are reading this, and you are digging some of Losap's chill tunes such as the earlier discussed November, or the party anthems of the album, "VIDEO GAME SH***************," and "Superbowl Party 3076" as much as I, then help in this grand search.

What's most unfortunate is that the last known whereabouts of Losap originate from Los Angeles. I'd love to see this entity at a live performance. 

Listen to chiptune track FUCK YEAH RACE CARS by Glenntai by genoboost


I never truly enjoyed racing games until F-Zero and the Mode 7 graphics of the SNES made me feel as if the car was actually turning rather than the road curving towards it in some strange isometric nightmare. Despite that, I stil love the golden age arcade sounds of games such as Rally X and Pole Position, not to mention I simply love a good instrumental to race to, thanks to games like the aforementioned F-Zero.

Listen to My Parents Favorite Music vocal remix of YTCracker's classic track Surge Runner by genoboost

WIth the reintroduction of Surge to the world at large, My Parents Favorite Music has decided that it's the right time to drop this vocal remix of YTCracker's 2005 classic from his album Nerdrap Entertainment System.

Listen to this Final Fantasy VI medley from videogame cover band The Returners' upcoming album by genoboost

Listen to the first single from The Returners upcoming album, Immune to SIlence. Set for release October 20th, but you can hear the opening track right now. By the time this incredible six minute FFVI medley is finished, you should be dropping the $10-15 for the pre-order package of your choice. Check out the albums official page for more details.