Album full of colorful chiptune fusion, 'AlterNative bits' by Yoann Turpin

Yoann Turpin blows my mind every time I hit play on one of his jams. I'm taking it back a bit, since I only recently started bumping him on heavy rotation. This album is from early 2016, and contains many a vibrant chiptune funk jam. This one is worth some intense listening, you don't want to miss any of those sly riffs Turpin drops throughout each track. Nothing but good feelings on this album. I plan to be following Yoann Turpin around quite a bit.

“AlterNative bits” is a fusionish and chiptunish album. This reflects the kind of dialogue I have had for a long time, with my musical influences from all the individual project or group I’m invovled in.
I have heard many people speaking on Alternative or Fusion music, this is my response. I hope you enjoy it and many thanks to Chiptunes=WIN Community !
— Yoann Turpin

genoboost talks about the Nintendo Switch

Talking about the Nintendo Switch after the console's announcement trailer from October 20th. Predictions, and trailer analysis. Figured it would be a good time to repost this before even more Switch news comes to us via Nintendo.

The latest album of chiptune rock, 'Who Loves the Sun' by The J. Arthur Keenes Band

The one of a kind eclecticism of The J. Arthur Keenes Band is on full display again on the long awaited full length album  Who Loves the Sun. I can not get enough of this song filled, utterly catchy folk rock style. There are so many things going on in your average J. Arthur Keenes track that I can gladly dissect them. The music feels so natural that I can' help but feel like I've spent more time analyzing TJAKB music longer than it took the Band to write. 

I've been covering The J. Arthur Keenes Band since the debut EP Pamplemousse and have excitedly listened to any new tracks from TJAKB ever since. This is the groups first full album in a few years and I'm glad it is here and it exists. There is something very particular about The J. Arthur Keenes Band, and it makes me feel very good to listen to in some odd, old timey way.

All things and all stuff by Dan McLay. Except art by Magdalena Eustis and committee, I believe. Thanks everyone.
— The J. Arthur Keenes Band

Listen to The Bystanders Podcast - Super Mario Run discussion

This week we discuss Super Mario Run, the first Super Mario game on the iPhone, besides all the emulators and bootleg games. We also spend a moment in the wrap up giving unfounded thoughts about Star Wars Rogue One!

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Top Tweets

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'Memory Card' hip hop VGM album by Back Alley Kat

Dedicated to the hours I spent with a controller in my hand. Each song reminding me of the frustration, excitement, and emotions I felt while playing these games, there were plenty of videogames that came to mind when making this album but I just put in some of the most memorable games I’ve played. Just wanted to make an EP that was fueled by nostalgia. (Intended for listening purposes) Album art by —-> —->
— Back Alley Kat

New Year's post: 2016 Recap and 2017 GM4A Schedule


I've been writing about this music for over ten years now, and it has actually become more difficult to describe the incredible variety of video game inspired music I cover on this site. The best I can say is that I, genoboost, your humble host, fucking love this music. I've heard so much great music throughout 2016. Such incredible tunes make it easy to humbly plug away on this site, sharing my favorite albums with like minded game music lovers.

First, I have to thank the game music fans and readers that continue to check out this site and all things genoboost! Thank you to the artists, of course, who create and share their work online for us all to find and enjoy. Thank you all immensely for over ten years of support! Meeting and interacting with so many amazing fans, artists, and generally cool folks has always made this endeavor incomparably more fun and interesting!

I've heard it's a good idea to look back on previous accomplishments before tackling new ones, and this is also a good way to prepare you for what to expect from Game Music 4 All in 2017.

During 2016 I took on a lot more than simply writing a few sentences about good albums. I invested much more of my time in creating better podcasts and videos. This lead to me sitting in front of the camera for the first time on YouTube for a new series of video album reviews. It also meant a record number of episodes for the SUBCON podcast, which will break 50 episodes in 2017. I've even begun to write lengthy video game articles again! 2016 will be the year I finally sorted out my thoughts on classic games like Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, and more.

You might think all these new endeavors would take away from the original VGM spirit of this blog. Hell no. I'm still going to be sharing two great video game based albums every week!

Let's take a look at some stats this year!

Some accomplishments in 2016

Let's just take a second to bask in these previous accomplishments…

That's enough basking now! 

I've got a lot of goals for Game Music 4 All in this year 2017. Not only do I have goals though, but also a plan, a plan with a schedule. So now you can rest easy, knowing precisely when your favorite content of mine gets posted to the site.

2017 Monthly Schedule

  • First Monday - SUBCON mixtape
  • Second Monday - YouTube Video
  • Third Monday - Feature Length Retro Game Article
  • Every Tuesday & Thursday - VGM Album Post
  • Every other Wednesday - SUBCON Podcast
  • Final Friday - Live Twitch Stream
  • Every other Saturday - The Bystanders Podcast

This doesn't include everything I'm planning to do this year. If all goes according to plan, there will be a constant stream of various audio, visual, and written content! I hope you're ready for another exciting year for myself and for video game music!

You tell 'em Daisy.

You tell 'em Daisy.

Bagre drops ambient VGM hip hop album 'La Fantástica Distopia Del Hombre Pez'

I'm searching and digging, and this is what I discover. Brought to us via Lunar Tape Records, and based out of Santiago, Chile, Bagre drops an amazing and intense collection of rumbling glitched up beats which pull from hip hop and classic video game sounds. 

There are a variety of instruments and sounds in this collection. Many songs open with what sound like old radio recordings, not to mention the variety of sound effects from classic games like Earthbound, and who knows what else that I  just couldn't recognize during this laid back yet complex array of sounds. 

The artwork, and music all scream the aesthetic I take such pleasure in hearing. Give this album a listen if you love glitched out 16 bit RPGs and extra fuzz and the faint electronic tones of youth.

Desde Talca, ciudad del Sur de Chile Bagre nos presenta “La Fantástica Distopia Del Hombre Pez”. Ciencia ficcion, videojuegos y HipHop son parte del imaginario sonoro de Bagre.

From Talca, Town Southern Chile Bagre presents “La Fantástica Distopia Del Hombre Pez”. Sci -Fi, video games and HipHop make part of the soundscape of Bagre.
— Bagre

Video rundown of every album reviewed on GM4A in 2016

This is every album I blogged about for this website! 113 albums in total. The video shows one album per second. See if you can spot any of your favorite albums, artists, or games! You can also findthe full posts and reviews in the album archives.




Music in this video by James Wong

Comptroller & arcadecoma release chiptune split 'You Play A Good Game Boy'

This is like the peanut butter and jelly of chiptunes right here. That crunchy grind of Comptroller and the soothing Game Boy of arcadecoma play off one another in this amazing two track split single.

In celebration of the release of ‘Phantasm: Ravager’, longtime phans Comptroller & arcadecoma offer this chiptune tribute to the music of the film series. Both tracks were created with Nintendo Game Boys, for added dialogue reference fun.

Please note, this is a free release purely made as a fan tribute, and all compositions remain the property of the relevant parties. We have no desire to incur the wrath of The Tall Man.

Listen to SUBCON 48: Year End Special, Pokemon Moon, Paper Mario, Sega

It's a year end spectacular! I've got thoughts, opinions, predictions, reviews, and previews in this hour long episode! Also bumping plenty of hip hop and music from great artists and albums I've enjoyed throughout the year!

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Listen to Gears in Motion by Doctor Robotic from the Retrograde: New Adventures in Chiptune compilation

Intense, warp speed level chiptune jam, Gears in Motion courtesy of Doctor Robotic and the folks of I Thought You Were A Marxist Records. From the Retrograde: New Adventures in Chiptune compilation

Yoann Turpin releases funk chiptune album '8 Bit Above'

I've bumped a lot of Turpin's incredible tunes on the SUBCON podcast, so it's about time I mention one of his albums. Luckily he recently released an incredible collection known as 8 Bit Above.

I needed to go back to “Rhythm’nBits” roots. Then I composed this album with my favourite ingredients: funk, organ, square lead and other groovy things. I wouldn’t have been able to produce a different album since my moving. I really hope you gonna enjoy it!
— Yoann Turpin

Nerdcore Emulation Station by 1-UP, all new album of hip hop collaborations

1-UP returns with part three of the hip hop collaboration series Nerdcore Emulation Station 3. Over a dozen tracks featuring our hero 1-UP along with well known companions such as Sammus, SkyBlew, TekForce, and many other great voices in the nerdcore scene. 

Join 1-UP for the third and final arc of the Nerdcore Emulation Station series.
1-UP and party venture to the world of the Dreamcast... a strange world inhabited by the imagidrains and the ideas and thoughts they have stolen from different galaxies.

As they battle to move forward, 1-UP picks up several hints that uncover mysteries surrounding his past...
— 1-UP

Relax with Animal Crossing tribute album, 'The Kollection' by Turning Point 5

A soothing trip through the sounds of KK Slider, the most famous musician in the world of Animal Crossing. Turning Point 5 recreate the many sounds of KK Slider and Animal Crossing in their latest album.

“The Kollection” is an album of KK covers and remixes from the Animal Crossing series.

Every song opens (sometimes after a short intro) with a complete cover of the in-game, aircheck version of the song. Then, it expands into new sounds and ideas, with a few songs drawing inspiration from their live versions.

There are two things I’d like to achieve with this project:

1. In a way, I want to bring a little piece of Animal Crossing into the real world, and I hope to bring listeners’ hearts into their villages and familiar homes where these tracks may already be playing.

2. KK songs are something some players might not pay much attention to, so I want to show how musical and amazing these songs are. That’s why I cover the original airchecks first, then show just one possibility of what they sound like as whole pieces.

Animal Crossing is my favorite series. I’ve spent more time paying these games than any other.
This album is one way I’d like to show my love and appreciation to the series, and a thank you to the wonderful people at Nintendo who create it.

I had so much fun making these songs, and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to them.
Please share with friends, family, and fellow Animal Crossing fans!
Thank you so much for all the support.
It’s what keeps us going. :)

And thanks to my dad for helping out with the solos in KK Bossa!

Stream it on YouTube:

Fun facts:
-I recorded a ukulele live for KK Calypso (Which fell out of tune a little…)
-I also recorded drums live for KK Stroll and KK Fusion
-Halfway through KK Fusion is a section where a piano and synth play familiar Animal Crossing melodies. Can you name them all? Click on ‘info’ next to KK Fusion for the answers. :D
— Turning Point 5

The Mad Gear release debut album, 'The Mad Gear Must Pay'

I've been following the epic rock exploits of The Mad Gear for a minute, and I'm glad to finally be able to mention that they have an album out! The premiere album from this group features live band arrangements of classics like Chrono Trigger, Star Fox, Donkey Kong Country 2, Sonic, and about a dozen more.

I'm very partial to their rendition of Black omen from the aforementioned Chrono Trigger, originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.

The Mad Gear Must Pay! was recorded by the band themselves. With only a few exceptions, what you hear are real instruments. Editing and quantization were also kept to a minimum. This is what The Mad Gear sounds like, warts and all.
— The Mad Gear

Listen to SUBCON Podcast 47: Mario Kart 64

Time to count down the eight best racers of Mario Kart 64! I also reminisce about Mario Kart along with other retro classics, all while bumping some new tunes from YTCracker, Flying Fortress, Nonsenze, and SHVKVZULU. I also hit you with the latest Patreon goals and rewards.

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