Various VGM artists remix the music of Big Giant Circles in 'The Glory Days Remixed' by genoboost


An array of video game musicians congregate over 11 remixed tracks from Big Giant Circles' original The Glory Days album. Nearly every name on the list of remixers has been a favorite musician of mine at some point through this blogs history. Even with compilations and collaborations happening easier than ever thanks to easy internet file sharing, it's still amazing to me to see a gathering of musicians of this caliber for one purpose. 

This album also scribbles all over the blurry line that now exists between video game music, and video game remixes.

The songs themselves are as vibrant and varied as the contributors themselves. Stemage and Zantzilla go on a chip rock rendezvous in their remix of Snowcones. Mega Ran, who is clearly in the running for hardest working man in nerdcore, appears with a gritty flow on the track Vindicate Me. One of the stand out track on early listens has been the aggressively funky electronic keyboards of C-Jeff's 'No Party like a Mojang Party remix. Nothing says Glory Days like this arcade rocking dance track.

With musicians like these, you can't go wrong, grab the album starting from $10 on the Big Giant Circles bandcamp page.

Listen to International Dub Ambassadors live performance of Donkey Kong Country's Main Theme by genoboost

One of my favorite groups, the International Dub Ambassadors, are so for the reason of this very song. An incredible live rendition of the memorable and beloved music of the original Donkey Kong Country. Nothing quite had the impact of the very first DKC game.

Once Cranky gets it with the bomb barrel, my whole childhood changed.

Watch the video for F-Zero remix Big Blue by Game & Sound by genoboost

I chose my cover of Big Blue's theme to be the first video of this channel, in occasion of Capt. Falcon's return in the roster of Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.

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Super Metroid Memories, a drama + arrange tribute album by Hyde209 by genoboost


I'm a fan of words, for those who may not know. So an album of not just Super Metroid music, but also an SM dramatic reading? Cameos by some incredible VG musicians? The bandcamp page even has lyrics! This album hits me in all the right places. 

The album takes Super Metroid fans on a trip back to Zebes as Samus Aran retells her story of visiting the ruined and dangerous world in search of the last metroid. 

Besides the excellently done narration, the album hosts a ton of remixed music from Super Metroid. These metroid rearrangements are a diverse set, with electronic, metal, and symphonic sounds all collide. These tracks heavily reinforce the Super Metroid mood you will quickly find yourself in once you hit play. 

I personally love the perilously metal "Intergalactic Warrior" and not just for the Mutherpluckin' B cameo. The track features amazing production values and not only reminds me of the Super Metroid playing of my youth, but also the large volumes of metal music I consumed during my teenage years. It all combines into one intense, but not over the top track that any metal fan will love.

The entire 18 track album is available free and learn the full story via Hyde209's bandcamp page.

Listen to the Earthbound cover Sailing to Scaraba WIP by jonwd7 by genoboost

I just can't say no to any Sailing to Scaraba remix I find, even this mysterious, unembeddable WIP version of the theme from over a year ago by the mysterious jonwd7. I couldn't find out much with a quick google search of this one alias, which has music both on Soundcloud and Youtube. 

So just bask in the mysteriousness of this short rendition of my personal favorite son from the entire Mother series. 

Sharing The Game, the latest video game rock album by the VGMasters by genoboost


From São Paulo, Brazil comes the VGMasters and their sophomore release, Sharing the Game. This groups takes some of the hardest rocking songs from classic games, and makes them rock even harder. Mega Man X, F-Zero's Mute City, and Killer Instinct, and even King of Fighters '96 are represented in this ten track collection. 

Fans of guitar and classic Nintendo will find a lot to enjoy here. 

Learn what Sharing the Game is all about by grabbing the album for $7 on the VGMasters' bandcamp album page. And, ironically, even with this album cover, their bandcamp doesn't even link to the groups facebook page!