Listen to cover of Legend of Zelda's main theme by Game & Watch by genoboost

A hard rocking rearrangement of Koji Kondo's classic composition.

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My arrangement for The Legend of Zelda's Main Theme. Originally composed by Koji Kondo, this theme has appeared basically in every Zelda game, becoming the most iconic tune for this series of games."

- Game & Watch

Pixels & Polygons Beat Tape Vol. 1 by Xionra & Rhapsody by genoboost


A collection of hip hop beats worthy for any flow. Beatmsmiths Xionra and Rhapsody come together over their love of classic 8-bit gaming, culminating in an album overflowing with hot beats from vintage NES games such as Castlevania, Legend of Zelda, and Punch Out.

Each game is mixed into a head bobbing beat thanks to the combined efforts of both Xionra and DJ Rhapsody. Since this is called "Vol. 1" that better mean there are more beat tapes coming from this due of DJs.

You can grab their beat tape free via bandcamp.

Watch Mega Ran & The Regiment drop the in-your-face new video 'Venting' by genoboost

Mega Ran equips atomic fire for the single from A Gamer's Anthem EP

"Official Music Video for the track by Mega Ran & The Regiment - Venting. 

directed by Mike "Duncecap" Petrow
see more work at @_duncecap 

The former teacher turned rapper offers some unique commentary on both professions with the equal parts smart and scathing track “Venting.”

Over a chilling, trippy visual direction by Mike “Duncecap” Petrow, and the haunting track by El Huervo (best known for his contributions to the new classic game Hotline Miami), Ran goes to town, with fiery red eyes and a menacing delivery we have yet to see from the normally optimistic rapper. 

The song comes from the new EP “A Gamers Anthem” with Detroit group The Regiment, available now from HiPNOTT Records."

- Mega Ran

Listen to funk rock Blaster Master cover "Blastin' Through the Years" by Mutherpluckin' B by genoboost

Motherpluckin' B is laying down the VG funk in the way only he can. Open your ears to this soaring arrangement of the music from NES classic Blaster Master.

Any track MP'in B drops is guaranteed to always be fresh, and this one is no exception. Great guitar work and catchy drums make this one head bobbing live track.

Listen to new chiptune dance track 'Plug Me in Baby' by JKLOL by genoboost

Soaring chiptune arrangement from the upcoming album 8-Bit Crusades 3.

Take a fantastic voyage with the latest from JKLOL. I just discovered this track, and hope to one day write about the previous undertakings in his 8-Bit Crusades album series. Until that fateful day, I'll be bumping this track, not to mention the back catalog for this artist for some time.

Listen to piano cover of the Market theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time by TPR Piano by genoboost

A chilling piano arrangement of the carefree tune.

A chilling piano based adventure in the Hyrule market from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I think this track will be an instant classic for anyone who is a fan of the game.