Listen to SolarLune's original chiptune single Eevee by genoboost


A spacey chip rock tribute to the highly adaptable Pokémon.

I am always glad to get a good earful of great new music. I was recently lamenting the lack of chiptunes I've been listening to lately, when I come across this incredible tribute to one of my favorite Pokemon (at least in several of its evolved forms).

It's easy to get swept up in the soaring synthwaves and killer drum loops. The track is available free via SolarLune's bandcamp page

Listen to chiptune trance track "butterfly,winter scenery" by Xinon by genoboost

Captivating trance chiptunes from Japanese musician Xinon's latest album hoshikuzu, available now for free download from bandcamp.

Catchy Game Boy style dance and house music.

Smashin' Buttons a video game inspired hip-hop instrumental tape by MC Substance by genoboost


Nod your head to these retro influenced beats.

An ambient and super effective album of hip hop instrumentals inspired by video games. The influence of games like Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Time Splitters and more can be heard and felt throughout the Smashin' Buttons mixtape.

From the adventurous, bass heavy opener "The Bravest Soul", the album takes a variety of turns, most notably in the final tracks. The incredibly ominous "End Magnus" has a very real end of the world feeling to it. Luckily that mood of despair is quickly lifted with the laid back closing track, "Sugarplum."

Listen to all-star hip hop single 'River City Handsome' by Lazerbeak f. Mega Ran & more by genoboost

Also featuring The MC Type, Phillip Morris & Toussaint Morrison.

Lazerbeak (of Doomtree) drops an intense chiptune beat based on the NES beat-em-up classic River City Ransom. If that wasn't enough, a full hip hop crew drops fresh flows up and down this epic track. New Mega Ran collabs always make my day.

I'm pretty much unstoppable right now in Mario Kart 8 with this track on loop. Got Link bobbing his head, jamming in his go kart.

You can grab both the track and the instrumental for $2 over on the Mega Ran Music Bandcamp page.

Power Up Review: Super Mario Bros' Fire Flower by genoboost


How hot is the classic power-up?

Got that fire flower, spit that fire power.

Unlike the defensive capabilities of the mushroom, or the platforming safety of a cape/tail, this item is all about offense. 

I love the fire flower, it is the haven for platform jumpers living on the edge. I have had some great times with other items, but the fire flower has always been there when I needed it most. Platform after platform, goomba after goomba, the fire flower has allowed me to put the kibosh on near any enemy trying to step to this. Once Super Mario World arrived, that fire power created a wealth of coins as enemies burnt before my very eyes. 

Though I hold the fire flower in high regard, the fact remains, its heyday has come to an end ever since the costume wearing innovation of SMB3. Despite being overshadowed by many amazing power ups throughout Mario, the noble fire flower continues to have a place in most Mario adventures, and remains a stalwart ally on the offensive end. Even if you fall like a brick rather than float gently onto the next ledge.

A reliable effort, and job well done.


Earthworm Jim 20th Anniversary Album seeking last-minute contributors by genoboost

Final window for submissions

It's been a few weeks since I mentioned that I am working on organizing a tribute album to Earthworm Jim.

There are less than three weeks left before submissions close on December 7th, so I want to extend an invitation to all of you musicians who love working under pressure to submit a track to the compilation! Those interested can read the Full Submission Information Page