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Listen to half hour drum & chiptune medley 10-2A by c&sstockreports

Shawn Phase lays it down with a half hour of intense drum work, remixing tracks from Coda, Blitz Lunar, and more! An epic, swirling soundscape of various original chiptune sounds. There is nothing like the pure sound of chiptunes with the irreplaceable sound of live drums.
all original tunes in this A side…
— Shawn Phase

Listen to fusion of chiptune rock 'tony danza' by temp sound solutions & alex mauer

This blog is incapable of existing without some Temp Sound Solutions as the fuel that gives me the energy to keep writing about VGM. Vibe on this classic track between Temp Sound Solution and chiptune maestro alex mauer on 'tony danza' from Blast Portable.

TekForce drops 'Server Crash pt. 1' new album of game inspired hip hop

TekForce drops another full length collection of dope rhymes. I just got over the Tek Support album, and this drops in my lap. Not o mention I have Server Crash pt 2 to look forward to. 

After a few listens myself, I keep returning to stand out track 'Confessions of a Black Nerd Ft. Eye-Q,' an introspective track that shows a bit of where TekForce is coming from. Always interesting to dig deeper into the heart of these great artists I post about on this blog. The other 9 tracks on the album are high quality too, and show the range of influence and styles TekForce can suppply. 

Also look out for the November episode of the SUBCON podcast for more TekForce discussion after I bump some of his tracks on the show.

Sophomore album from TekForce, Server Crash pt.1delves more into his personal life and what makes him tick. The artwork done by Danji’s Designs, Daniel Hill, shows him being sucked into a Tron-Like environment. This is of course an allegory to things we experience in life. We feel as if we are getting sucked into a situation beyond our control. Through music, he’s able to persevere through these situations, and even talk about more games and anime he’s loved as well. Luckily he’s joined by his friends: O. Super, Halo Sama, and Eye-Q to help him on his musical journey.
— TekForce

Listen to The Bystanders Podcast - Rob Zombie's 31 Movie Discussion

This week we review the latest movie from Rob Zombie, the horror escape dungeon movie 31.

Check out for the audio version, show notes and to find more episodes of The Bystanders Podcast.

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