Celebrate 30 years of Gradius with this Gradius X Aretha Franklin mashup

Let Gradius free!

Today is the 30th anniversary of Gradius hitting arcades in Japan. I imagine this is the party theme when the Bacterions (or whatever the hell you fight in Gradius) are finally defeated. Although, considering that a new Gradius in nearly ten years, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Konami headquarters is actually just a large warehouse with bums living inside it, maybe this song is a cry to Konami to sell the rights to a good, loving company while they still can.

I had no idea Aretha Franklin was singing about an alien invasion. I hated sitting on this song. This song has everything. The R&B VGM mashup I've been dying for, not to mention the highly underutilized tunes from the Gradius series. This is the kind of track that gets me so hyped about running this blog. It hits the sweet spot of two of my passions, early 90's shmups and late 60's blues and rock & roll.

I have a lot of passions.

I don't even have a clue who created this strange but beautiful fusion, but it really feels like they had me in mind. 

Too bad the person who created this strange but wonderful mashup hadn't merely left this on the front porch of the internet before running off. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this mashup producer, please inform me.

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Intense IDM remixes of classic boss themes in Beat The Boss: Remixes, available free from Atavistic Spasm Records

Chiptune techno electronic IDM boss battle

12 artists remix, reinterpret and cover their favourite video game Boss Battle themes! We hope you’ll enjoy!
Thanks to all the artists for volunteering these wonderful tracks, and thanks to all the original composers of these pieces for sharing your talents with the world and ultimately inspiring us all!
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First look at Rebellion: Inspired by Final Fantasy II, An OverClocked ReMix Album

Coming soon!

Rebellion: Inspired by Final Fantasy II - COMING SOON @ http://ocremix.org !!!
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• Game: Final Fantasy II (Square, 1988, Famicom)
• Artists: BONKERS, Brandon Strader, Darkmoocher, Dr. Manhattan, Hat,
IanFitC, Jeff Ball, Kidd Cabbage, mellogear, Sir Jordanius, Sixto Sounds, Tuberz McGee, Viking Guitar, W!SE the all E, XPRTNovice, zykO
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Listen to hip hop TMNT remix 'Pizza in the Van' by MMvsUSAF

Pizza powered hip hop

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• Game: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (Konami, 1992, SNES)
• ReMixer(s): Chidi Enyia, MMvsUSAF, Roqsteady, Samara Smith
• Composer(s): Harumi Ueko, Kazuhiko Uehara, Mutsuhiko Izumi
• Song(s): ‘Sewer Surfin’ (Stage 3 BGM)’
• Posted: 2015-05-20, evaluated by djpretzel
— OverClocked ReMix

Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii turns eight years old

Daisy has been waiting too long for a rematch

Daisy may be a Princess, but she carries herself knowing full well that she can completely dominate a heated soccer match against any challenger.

Rare is the Super Mario game that earns anything higher than the all inclusive E rating from the ESRB. It's been eight years since Next Level Games was able to accomplish such a daring task with the Wii title Mario Strikers Charged. Unlike the friendly rounds of golf and tennis the Mario party take part in, soccer in the Mushroom Kingdom is an unbelievably competitive experience. The intensity of the Strikers series is on par with the all out brawls of the Super Smash Bros.

The developers at Next Level Games' most recent release was the well received Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon for the 3DS. I hope that Next Level Games will get the chance to return to their sports game roots sometime in the near future, preferably with another soccer tournament involving the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, especially in a world with the Nintendo expanding DLC of Mario Kart 8.

Link leading a team of Stalfos with an octorok goalie fending off Bowser and his crew of dry bones? I'll pre-order that right now.

Remix of "Road to the Striker Cup" from Mario Strikers Charged (Football). A really awesome game!
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Hyde209 creates an alternate reality of music in 'Mario & Sonic - Twisted Worlds'

Fall down the rabbit hole of a world without the Master System, a world without the Genesis, a world, without Blast Processing

Hyde209 remixes the classic Sonic The Hedgehog soundtrack in four wavew of glory. The classic FM chip soundtrack gets a full NES reimagining in Volume 1 of Hyde209's Mario & Sonic - Twisted Worlds.

This my take on how the Sonic 1 soundtrack would sound if it was made for the 8-bit NES instead of the SEGA 16-bit. Enjoy ^^
— Hyde209

The best Hideki Naganuma track is actually two tracks from the underrated Sonic Rush

#1 TIE "Vela Nova" and "Wrapped in Black" from Sonic Rush

It should have been a tie between the entire Sonic Rush OST

It could have easily been a ten way tie for how much I love this soundtrack. I will refrain from such shenanigans though, and simply include the two tracks I think most exemplify Hideki Naganuma's Sonic Rush soundtrack

As if it were an answer to my prayers, after the beginning of my search for more Hideki Naganuma, the game Sonic Rush is released to the Nintendo DS in 2005. The soundtrack, is, of course, by Hideki Naganuma, and the beats he was pumping through my DS speakers left me in amazement. If it weren't for Meteos on the DS earlier that year, I would have had no idea that the DS was capable of such sounds. 

Sonic Rush (the soundtrack and the game) were both phenomenal. Not only did Dimps nail my idea of what a Sonic game is all about (going fast), but the music by Hideki Naganuma was simultaneously a breath of fresh air for the series, and also very much in line with Sonic's colorful world.

This one starts off slow but builds into an upbeat dance mix perfectly fitting when speeding your way through endless loops, raills and corridors. Wait a minute, with the rail grinding, ability to do tricks, and epic Naganuma beats, is Sonic Rush actually a 2D Jet Set Radio!?

I'm a little shocked I didn't see all the similarities to Sonic Rush and Jet Set Radio before, but now it's too obvious to deny. That probably explains why i think Sonic Rush is the most definitive Sonic experience since Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

This closing track makes a strong testament to the greatness of any quality Sonic game though, the epic Supersonic ending. That intense final sequence in Sonic Rush is accompanied by the track "Wrapped in Black." 

If hard pressed, I would choose Wrapped in Black as the go to track from the album, but a lot of what makes it great is the dark contrast of this music compared to the soulful and upbeat playfulness of the rest of the soundtrack. 

If you missed it, check out the full countdown!

#7 "The Concept of Love [The Concept of Passion Mix]" from Ollie King

#6 "Oldies But Happies" from Jet Set Radio Future

#5 "VENDOR POP" by skankfunk from Yakuza 5

#4 "Let it Go from Ollie King

#3 'Rock It On" from Jet Set Radio

#2 "Ebb & Flow [Remastered]" originally from JRA PAT

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