Zelda Majora's Mask inspired beats 'Flyrule: A Terrible Fate' by Shag

Hip hop producer Shag does it again with another collection of Zelda inspired hip hop beats. This time taking the memorable yet haunting tunes in the cult classic N64 sequel to Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask. This album is itself a sequel to Shag's 2011 release of the original Flyrule. You can grab both for free from Shaq's bandcamp.

Game Music 4 All presents Black Shy Guy Summer 2015 Mixtape

40 video game based hip hop, beats & more in about an hour!

Mega Mix of music featured on the first season of the Subcon Podcast. The only podcast dedicated to video game based hip hop.

All the music in this mixtape are tracks featured in the first season of the Subcon Podcast. Season 2 coming soon!

This playlist is specially tailored to Mario Kart 8 online play, at least that is what I tell myself, since all the music I used for the first season of the podcast also made up my racing playlist for MK8. Does listening to this music make me even more dangerous behind the wheel? If you ever see me online, maybe you'll find out.

Invalids & an0va combine in the chiptune/rock 'Permutation EP'

Chiptuned rock, rocked out chiptunes

This split album was born of the idea of chiptune/traditional-rock cross-over, whereupon each artist would write a new song for the album and subsequently cover the other’s.

Invalids creates music with both hands on multiple stringed instruments, which allows for lush arrays of notes at any given time. an0va creates music using a Nintendo Gameboy, which is limited to producing only four simultaneous sounds at any given time. Thus the covers of the other artist’s tracks must manipulate the original arrangements accordingly. The an0va cover of Invalids’ song must distill the most important four simultaneous notes throughout. The Invalids cover of an0va’s song must expand upon the original limited note set.

The “Permutation EP” is so-called in culmination of common themes of mathematics and statistics in each artist’s musical ethos, such that the album credits in the set of [composed by, performed by] form a permutation.
— eberic records

The Bystanders play Kirby Super Star

Take a trip to Popstar with me

Highlights from our live stream of Kirby Super Star.
Watch us on Twitch: twitch.tv/gamemusic4all

In honor of Iwata and the legacy he left behind, I'll be playing through some classic Iwata related games with my classic game ignorant pal Frank (who is also my co-host on The Bystanders Podcast).

First up is the HAL developed SNES game, Kirby Super Star! We take on Spring Breeze, with a goal of getting 100% completion. For Iwata!

'BLUE VIDEO ROMANCE' A gritty chiptune assault by Comptroller

Grimey, shmup inspired, cyberpunk beats

It's been a long time since I heard that beautiful glitched out grime that made me a fan of Comptroller and his former group Beats of Rage a few years ago.

4 dense strikes inspired by early exposure to ill-contextualised exotic cultural imports (i.e. encountering 80s anime & NTSC-J games without a proper frame of reference or easy access to the Internet) and the resulting damage; plus a sweet remix by Matt Nida.

All tracks slowly crafted on a PSP running LittleGPTracker in bad dark frenzies 2014/15. Glory to the Pig.

Lemon No Yume is an ugly re-interpretation of PSY・S’ beautiful Lemon No Yuuki. Everything else conceived & combined by Comptroller.
— Comptroller

CVIII no Densetsu or whatever by Kirby Pufocia

A horrible night for curses and junk

this is a long labor of love.

someone said, “it worked”
someone else said “now we are all sons of bitches”

tl;dr - i got tired of deciding between the US and JPN versions of this soundtrack, so i made one using the bones of broth. both, i mean.

this is the result of several hundreds of hours staring at a computer screen blasting nes music into my ears, adjusting sliders, cutting and pasting, drooling, and sending the results out to countless people to tell me what sounds bad because this album made me deaf.

welcome to this page, i have written a lot of long, stupid, rambling words about almost every track, which you’ll find in each individual “info” page. if you care at all about the technical aspects then by all means! there’s also jokes if you don’t! i wrote a lot of words. please somebody read them.

thanks for listening. CV is a trademark of konami, or whatever. you probably knew that.
— Kirby Pufocia

Travis Morgan releases genre-bending metal tribute to Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge

The forgotten CVII

An hour long genre-bending aural journey covering the entire soundtrack to Castlevania: Belmont’s Revenge.
— Travis Morgan

'The Rose General' by katethegreat19, a moving tribute to Final Fantasy IX

This wonderful OCReMix dropped right around the same time I took my first shot at Final Fantasy IX. Not just on of my favorite FF remixes (in a world inundated with them) but also one of my favorite OCR tracks. Damn fine work.

Unfortunately, this song ends the week on a Melencholy note. For many folks such as myself, I feel that the Final Fantasy series, as well as Square-Enix as a company have diverged largely from what made their classic games so memorable. You can decide for yourself whether that is a good, or necessary move for S-E. 

In more upbeat news, it appears that rumors are circulating already that the FFVII reboot for PS4 is only the beginning of a full PSX FF trilogy series of reboots. That would include Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX. 

Share your memories of Final Fantasy IX with us! Would you love to see FFIX get an HD reboot much like the upcoming remake of FFVII?

Master Sword release Legend of Zelda inspired debut EP 'Epoch'

Lyrics please!

“Epoch” is the culmination of 2 years of work building a band from scratch with a unique idea in mind: celebrate Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda in a way no one else ever has. Instead of simply playing the original songs in a different style, Master Sword has crafted tracks which capture the spirit of the games and molded that spirit into 4 progressive/power metal works of art.

To compliment this, we enlisted the help of some of the DC area’s best vocalists. Nina Osegueda (A Sound of Thunder), Rob Bradley (Aries), and Chad Keyser (Fair Skies/Wild Storm) all lend their distinctive talents. They’re joined by the “Goddess Choir” of Lauren Kuhn, Melanie Kurstin, and Mary Patton who bring their beauty and power to the closing song “Legends.”
— Master Sword

Final Fantasy IX week continues with club music style battle theme

This remains one of my favorite battle themes from the entirety of the FFIX series (at least, if Battle on the Big Bridge never existed)

What are some of your favorite battle themes from the Final Fantasy series?