Vernian Process – The Cries of the Planet: An Orchestral Tribute to the music of Final Fantasy VII

by Vernian Process

Vernian Process is back with his second symphonic tribute to classic gaming. Turning the clock to the futuristic date of 1997, Vernian Process tackles the music of PSX classic Final Fantasy VII. You'll hear brand new orchestral arrangements of 20 classic FFVII themes, methodically reworked and fine tuned for your listening pleasure. As an added incentive, Vernian Process has also added several classic bonus tracks from other classic entries in the FF series!

The idea behind the Retro Gaming Retrospective series was to re-imagine various classic and obscure game soundtracks, as if they were performed by a full symphony orchestra. Josh also incorporates acoustic rock drumming, and minimal use of synthesizers into most of the albums as well. All of the tracks in these collections were arranged from a variety of free midi files found at various game sites. Josh takes no credit for the compositions of these tracks, but he does put in a ton of production work arranging, mixing and mastering them for each album.

Notes All tracks were composed from midis found at:

Special thanks to: Monster Iestyn, John Weeks, Sword-Bolt, King Meteor, and Zenkusa for transcribing the original midi tracks. Released 09/10 GM4A Records album #GM4A-11