SUBCON 54 Shaq Fu, FFVII, Jet Set Radio Future

This week I deem Shaq Fu not sucky enough, bump classic Froskees, get a little worked up about Final Fantasy VII. After some more new tunes from Okumura and the man, Hideki Naganuma, I gush over the beauty of Jet Set Radio Future.


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"A Secret Sleeping in the Deep Sea Feat. Kendrick Lamar" by Froskees from Final Fantasy VII Froskees Remix Version

"Shaq Fu (Okumura ft. Doug Funnie)" from Garage Sale! The Mixtape

"FEEL the POWER in YOUR SOUL" by Hideki Naganuma from the game WAR OF BRAINS

"Paint" by YTCracker from Strictly for my Streamers


My First View of the World! By Kisai the Spooniest Bard from 2Square'd

"High Rule" by Reclusive from Sma$h Out

"Nature Show (unmastered rough mix)" by Graphics on Television

"Ending theme" by Masaki Hashimoto and
Takahiro Wakuta from the soundtrack to HAL produced NES game Kabuki - Quantum Fighter