SUBCON 51 Nintendo Switch Launch, Pokemon Moon review

This week we celebrate the Nintendo Switch launch, sort of. I also give my final take on Pokemon Moon, some thoughts about Pokemon Red, and already outdated predictions about Pokemon Go. Then I complain about racing games for a minute. All this plus dope new hip hop from Swych, Tomatoveli, Lil D.J. and more!


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“Gambling Makes The World Go Round (Apathy ft. Hayze & Kappa Gamma x MadWorld)” by Tomatoveli from Demigamez.exe

“no rules” by Swych from prelude 2 Magicant

“Destati ft Kendrick Lamar (KINGDOM HEARTS HD 25 ReMIX)” by moneymallzbeats from All Star Video Game Instrumental 2

“game over” by Lil D.J. from Littendo