SUBCON 62 Kirby, Doom, Thunder Force IV

It's an extra long episode of the SUBCON podcast this week! I've got a lot of upcoming games to discuss, some Kirby music to gush about, and a little more MAGWest to recap. I've got a never ending list of dope tunes to play for you and I just can't get them to yours fast enough! This episode features the likes of 2 Mello, GamerGad, Swych, Spiegz, Doug Funnie, Richie Branson along with a few features! On the instrumental side I've got remixes, indie game OSTs, original arrangements, and more thanks to Doug Perry, BeatmakerKelz, Tekkaxe, DaMonz, Blipperactive, and the folks from Pixel-Mixers crew and the PixelQuemado collective!


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“Holler If You Kirby (2Pac and Kirby Super Star Ultra Mashup)” by 2 Mello

"Ansum (Produced by Mad Syentis)" by GamerGad from New Game++

"Dragon Mode [co-prod. Oph Kiltah]" by Swych from Level Up 64

"El Niño feat. Therin" by Spiegz x Lyon from Death Note$

"Talking In My Sleep" by Doug Funnie from Garage Sale! The Mixtape

“11AM Before Deadline” by Team Krunktaku (Richie Branson and KadeshFlow) (ft Eye-Q) via VPC3 Round 5


“How to Fly” by DaMonz from Kirby's Liberation Service

“The Might of the Star-Force” by Tekkaxe from Phenomenal Star-Force

“Dark World” by VideoGamesG33k; Jer Roque; Sladjkf; The Geeky Guitarist; Agus Rios; Draskon; RedBeardedViking from Hylian Downfall CD2: A Link to the Past

“summer dreams” by 2 Mello from midnight broadcasts vol. 2

“Mother Roll (boss extended theme)” by Miguel Cintra AKA Blipperactive from Greedy Guns - Original Game Soundtrack

“Honey” by BeatmakerKelz from Easy on the Ears

“The Jungle Dance Floor (Brinstar Jungle Floor)” by Ludópatas de la Seducción from C A Z A D O R A - A Super Metroid Music Tribute via PixelQuemado

“The Travel Agency” by Doug Perry from SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X - Besaid Mix

Ending Theme:

“Stand Up Against Myself” by Toshiharu Yamanishi from the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive game Thunder Force IV by Technosoft