SUBCON 34: GM4A 10th Anniversary & Drums Special

This week I celebrate ten years of blogging about video game music! For the occasion, I play some of my favorite tracks combining drums and chiptunes into a delicious fusion of grooves. I spin some classic tracks by Alex Mauer, Temp Sound Solutions, and Yakuza Heart Attack along with the latest sounds of culelu and The Mimmos! 

Please enjoy the least hip hop episode of the one and only podcast for video game hip hop!


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"Zaxoff" by Temp Sound Solutions and Alex Mauer from Blast Portable

"mambo" by culelu from camios

"Hyper Fun Zone" by Yakuza Heart Attack from Yakuza Heart Attack II

"Rowboat" by The Mimmos from Rowboat


"Kirby Squeak Squad Main Menu Beat" by SublimeCloud

"Knuckle Dragger" (Fenix' theme from Lucha Underground) by Extreme Music

"Pacman saw a ghost" by Aqua The Abstract

"Boa mbrad please delete star twerk, thanks" by Spamtron