SUBCON 30: Star Fox Zero, Final Fantasy, 420

The show is back with tons of new music! Hype for the upcoming Star Fox Zero, new Final Fantasy hip hop by DJ DAX, and a tribute to 420. Blaze it up and hit play!


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"Limit Break ft Stayble (Prod by BakedOutBeats)" by DJ DAX from Future Fantasy

"Persona 420 (Prod Rac Ray)" by The Earthbound Rejects from Phone Call to Dad

"Cloud Bby" by Josip On Deck

"I Know You're Scared (Prod. swell)" by Jahn Rome from the WINTER IN COLOR EP


"kani" and "furamingo" by culelu from camios (Graphics on Television)

"Grinding For Supremacy" by Chief Takinawa from the Hannya EP

"(FF-GBC) - We Rumble" by DJ.MMA Productions

"Monster Party ending theme" by Masaki Hashimoto from NES game Monster Party