SUBCON 28: Instrumental Special ft Voodoo Lion & BeatmakerKelz; PoPoLoCrois hype, Xenoblade Chronicles X spoilers

I make my triumphant return by choosing my favorite VG inspired 'beat tapes' of 2015. I highlight a few of my favoriote remixes by BeatmakerKelz and Voodoo Lion. I also review Xenoblade Chronicles X. I also talk a bit of Smash Bros and discuss the Story of Seasons/Harvest Moon/Bokujou Monogatari kerfuffle while getting hyped for Return to PoPoLoCrois Story of Seasons Fairytale.


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"Gotta Believe! | Parappa the Rapper" & "Koopa's Jingle (Flip) | Super Mario Kart" by BeatmakerKelz from Video Game Flips

"Smash Brothers" & "Continue?" by Voodoo Lion from Episode III: Beyond the Stars


"Mysterious Old Man" by 5ALAZAR

"SHIBUYA" by Takeharu Ishimoto from The World Ends With You OST

"Level 1 & 6 - Boss" from The House of the Dead Overkill OST

"Break My Limits - SSB4 Cloud Strife Concept [FFVII Battle Theme DnB RMX]" by DJ Chief Takinawa

"Nizeti (Sega Genesis)" by Urban Flow from Melodic Bumps 5

"A m b i d a n c e | JayJBeats x jtbs. | Donkey Kong Country" from jtbs. 

"f-zero mute city" by Videogame Orchestra

"Cholo Ruins" by Masikus from 20 Nights, 20 Beats

"M e t r o i d * メトロイド" by Narono

"What's Real?" by The Twilight Division from the Return of Mega Twerp! compilation