S02E07: Ninten With Attitude

'Rollin in my '64'

Forget the game themed specials, this is an N.W.A. themed episode. We got Dre, Eazy, Ice, and Ren over select video game beats in this episode.  The latest video game based lyrics corner meshes together the worlds of Earthbound Beginnings and classic N.W.A. I also talk about my early love for gangsta rap, and my current love for Advance Wars!


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"Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg - Still D.R.E. (Getting treasure)" by Team Teamwork from Ocarina of Rhyme

"Battle With Attitude" by SpamM from the EB0 Mixtape

"Ain't Nuthin Like A Dream Come True (Dr Dre X Persona 4)" by Lowes

"K.K. Good Day (KK Slider vs Ice Cube)" by BotanicSage [BS]


"STONES" from the Rolling Girls anime series

"Domain2" by GFRetro

"Future Noir (Original Mix)" by Wolfkin from the Future Noir EP

"Sunken Ship" by Leandro Abreu via OverClocked ReMix 

"Equilibrium" by Akihibara

"The Credits Concerto" by David Wise from Donkey Kong Country