Subcon Podcast Episode 08: Ladies

All the girls scream

This episode is dedicated to all of Subcon's female listeners! Who am I kidding, I don't got any listeners! Either way, get down to the mix of hip hop and funk bumping through your speakers. This podcast should only be listened to with some room-rattling bass by the way. Maybe I should have mentioned that sooner.


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"Bitch, I Bought It Out" by Froskees & Chippy Nonstop from Froskees & Chippy Nonstop - .... Remixed 

"MIKI (from Guitar Vader) remixed by Hideki Naganuma - Juku Nanka Ikanai [Nanka-Samba Remix]"

"Bananas ft. SkyBlew" single by Gamergad

"Think (About Gradius) single by Kenji Yamamoto 5 


"Ebb & Flow" by Hideki Naganuma from JRA PAT 

"it's only going to get worse" by Robby Duguay from We Are Doomed OST  ∞