SUBCON 27: 1 year of video game hip hop

It's been 27 episodes, and exactly one year since the SUBCON podcast began! Take a trip through the first couple seasons of SUBCON and find out what I have in store for upcoming episodes! I also play classic Mega Man mashups by Tae K, a mini mixtape from Botanic Sage, and another hot mashup from oOTAGOo's album Vinyl Fantasy IX. Then I talk about the world of Super Mario spinoff games including Super Mario Strikers and DDR Mario Mix.


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"Stay Fly (3-6) Mafia - Stay Fly + Mega Man 2 - Metal Man)" by Tae K from SOULMATES

"Roy's Smooth Sounds (SIDE A)" by Botanic Sage [BS]

"Cid's a Hood Nigga'" by oOTAGOo from Vinyl Fantasy IX