SUBCON 25: TekForce, My Parent's Favorite Music, Man-u-iLL, Cloud in Smash Bros, 5 elements

I have returned with an all new season of video games and hip hop, and we all know the third season is when things get really good! This week I've got the latest from TekForce, Man-u-iLL, and the triumphant return of My Parent's Favorite Music. I also take a moment to discuss the mission of this podcast, as well as the news about Cloud Strife of FFVII making it into the Smash Bros roster.


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"Ode to the Retro" by TekForce from Tek Support

"Champion Edition" by Andre Martel from His Majesty Obscured

"Double Dribble" by Man-u-iLL

"Pumpkin Zone ft. Schaffer the Darklord" by My Parent's Favorite Music X Saitone