Here Comes a New Challenger

The beginning of something beautiful. Album of chiptune, nerdcore, and VGM collaborations.

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Here Comes a New Challenger is an album looking to create bridges and close gaps between the many varied but all incredibly talented areas of Video Game Inspired Music. From nerdcore, to chiptune, to VG rock, and even folk, rap, and remixing. Every song on this album combines two or more musicians, some of which never even heard of one another before this album. All these artists are influenced by many different things, but all come together for their love of video games. On this compilation we show that video game inspired music is diverse, strong, and of course, musically entertaining.

I Sincerely hope you enjoy the album and give every song a listen. All the artists worked very hard, and we all had a great time putting this album together, and we think it shows!