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“Salsa Sundays!” by Nathan Cleary                           
“City Escape (From Sonic Adventure 2)” by Pokérus                           
“Apex Predator ∕ featuring Tribe One” by Dual Core                           
“02 The Underground” by Octorock                           
“Vagrant Song (Southwest)” by Ryan Ike                           
“Waves” by JDWasabi                           
“You've Got Gall, You've Got Guile” by PT Burnem/Ninja Ropes                           
“Soulsucker Blues” by Ryan Ike                           
“Green Greens” by Pokérus VGM/TheCoolestNerdGuy/Ro Panuganti/ThePopStarDude/Thennecan/GameroftheWinds/Justin Thornburgh/Gabriel Vizcarra/Alvaro Sisti                           
“White Land” by Justin Thornburgh                           
“Defender” by Linnani Vaanija                           
“I AM GORGEOUS, I AM IMPACT [Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Medley]” by LONELYROLLINGSTARS                           
“Bloody Tears” by ThePlasmas                           
“Aura Spark” by Schematist                           
“Run the Rupees (feat Lil' Purrito)” by Xander Cruise                           
“Room Service” by Kadesh Flow                           
“Trapped in the Slums” by Dj CUTMAN                           
“A Fight to the Death” by Project Destati                           
“Mother Brain” by Garrett McPherson                           
“Pokémon” by Rare Candy                           
“Pandora's Icebox” by EvilWezil                           
“The Metal Hag's House” by Will Dawson                           
“Scarlet Warrior” by Cody Carpenter & Mark Day                           
“All-Out Attack ft. Maverick Da Ronni” by DJ DAX                           
“it's ok” by nmlstyl                           
“The Mines of Narshe” by Frog & Cid                           
“Reunite the Separated” by Ryan Fogleman                           
“Homeland [VOID INTRO]” by zykO                           
“Crush” by elmobo                           
“Astral Observatory” by PokérusVGM                           
“Guardia Millenial Fair (from "Chrono Trigger")” by Player2                           
“Air Man” by Thennecan                           
“Prepare for Chaos (Plaza)” by Dale North                           
“Funky Fairy's Fountain (Acoustic Version)” by Robby Duguay                           
“Tetris Reggae feat. DonutDrums (from Tetris)” by String Player Gamer                           
“7. Codename Bloodtear” by MYRONE                           
“Forest Interlude (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest)” by CRW                           
“Ending - Credits” by Shigemasa Matsuo, Kinuyo Yamashita