Game Music 4 All Live Radio 8-21-19

Two hours of game music remixes, chiptunes, indie game soundtracks and more. Over ten years of video game based music! Game Music 4 All Live on Twitch and YouTube several times a week!


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“The Requiem of Shield Knight” by Metatron from Shovel Knight: Dig It!

“Live Thai Guy” by The OneUps from Bad Dudes - Thai Guy

“Crystal Gem” by My Parents Favorite Music from Mount Weird

“Theme of the Tantalus” by Luigician/Elena Seoane/Ana Ayala from Final Fantasy IX Beyond the Mist - Part 3: Of Rats and Men

“Cuphead - Die House” by StyrofoamShotgun/Psamathes from The Great Tale of the Little Ones Vol. 2 - Disc 2

“Chase the Rabbits!” by Mahito Yokota from Super Mario Galaxy Original Soundtrack Platinum Version (Disc 2)

“Let's Go Down The Wine River” by Yoko Shimomura from Super Mario RPG OSV

“Danger in the Forest” by Frog & Cid from Final Fantasy IX Beyond the Mist - Part 6: Bonus Tracks

“Become One” by Wyrgan from EXILE: A Tribute to Supergiant Games

“Bells for the Ghosts” by Scott Wells/Drew Etterle from Chrono Ghost Original Soundtrack

“The Final Mutation of "G"” by Shusaku Uchiyama, Takeshi Miura from Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles Original Soundtrack

“Myrkfen” by Neal Acree from Rend

“Baws #1: Holy Woolie!” by Stemage from Bubsy: Paws on Fire! (Original Game Soundtrack)

“Run??” by Jeremy Harris Jones, Tom Miller from EIDOLON: Music From Final Fantasy IX

“Justice” by Mark Benis from Lamplight City (Original Game Soundtrack)

“Waterfall” by Vidboy from Forward: The Project Knight Girl Demos

“Got The Star!” by Robert Frost III from Joggernauts (Original Game Soundtrack)

“Black Desert Sun” by Gregory Tan from VR Hero Sentry (Original Game Soundtrack)

“From the Bottom (Depths of the Night) [from "Chrono Trigger"]” by Mustin from THEW ORLD ISSQ UARE

“Reflections” by Scott Wells/Drew Etterle from Chrono Ghost Original Soundtrack

“Trampled Innocence” by Jeff Ball from Timespinner (Original Game Soundtrack)

“Overture (excerpt)” by Xoc from Xoc 'N' Swop!

“R.C. Pro-Am (Race Finish/Trophy Room)” by Xoc from The Beginning of the End

“Levitate and Navigate (from "VR Walk & More")” by Dale North from PERFECT SELECTION Dale North Vol. One

“Pollyanna Bounce (I Believe In You) [EarthBound]” by Bad Dudes from Psychokinetic I

“Sorrow, Destruction, and Despair” by The Eluryahn from Essence of Lime

“Addy's Theme” by Mark Benis from Lamplight City (Original Game Soundtrack)

“Ballad of the Goddess” by Reven from Ballad of the Goddess

“What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse - Part 1 (Castlevania)” by Descendants of Erdrick from Down Right Heavy

“Virus Bustin' [MMBN5 Battle Theme RMX]” by DJ Chief Takinawa from $$l

“Never Afraid (2011)” by Leeni from Labyrinth

“Song of Storms” by Video Game Music Box from Music Box Classics: The Legend of Zelda

“Carved From Mighty Oak/Woodman” by The Megas from Get Equipped

“- Odyssey” by Phiba Optix from Retro Renaissance

“Dead Lift” by ThePlasmas from 21XX

“Concrete Jungle [Feat. Sai the Wise, L. Scatter, KC, King Spawntane]” by Nameless Nation from Beyond

“Nayru's Love” by Rozen from Ballads of Hyrule

“Unused (Contra Bebop)” by Jake Kaufman from Batman: The Brave and the Bold

“Top Gear Track1(FinalNitro) OC ReMix” by Rayza from OCRemix

“Mega Man 2 Nuclear Flash OC ReMix” by Sixto Sounds, zircon from OCRemix

“Cherry Blossom (Shenmue)” by CRW from Sample Based

“26 end credits” by Xoc from SMW (remix version)