Game Music 4 All CLASSIC EDITION 1

Two hours of classic game music remixes, chiptunes, and more! Over ten years of video game based music! New episodes of Game Music 4 All Classic Edition every Thursday! 


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“Donkey Kong Country - Main Theme” by International Dub Ambassadors          
“cypress” by Vidboy           
“Tina” by The Number Sixes    
“Green Kush Zone” by Virus The Hedgehog                           
“Jet Set Medley” by Voodoo Lion                           
“Termina Field” by Z.R.E.O. Team                           
“Nall & Void (Lunar: Silver Star Story)” by Zalenka                           
“It's Just A Chiptune” by The Analog Kid                           
“Fighting of the Spirits  Tales of Phantasia/Symphonia(Remix)” by Saiga    
“Tetris C Blachly OC ReMix” by Charles Blachly   
“Faceless portrait” by dong                           
“A Funk to the Past” by Lie M-f B              
“yomaigoto” by Plamo                           
“Where Are We Going?” by FrivolousShara     
“Apartment 1-2 (OD'd and Dead)” by Lie M-f B                           
“Medical Insurance” by Joshua Morse                           
“62 Miles” by Bud Melvin                          
“Legendary Hero/Staff Credits” by Select Start                 
“Shadow of the Colossus Wanderer on the Offensive (Live Edit) OC ReMix” by B33J, Cerrax, Sixto Sounds, yodaisbetter          
“Aerith's Theme” by missingNo.     
“Gradius 2 Burning Heat” by Spamtron       
“Ocean View (Zelda Wind Waker)” by Emrls       
“Jon Poulin & Friends - Misery Loves Company (Super Mario RPG)” by Sindravania Projects & Viking Guitar Productions    
“Thermosphere” by Kenichiro Fukui                 
“QuaCat59b - [ firewall ]” by Robby Duguay                           
“C'est basic!” by L'homme Manete                    
“Dunk Hut” by Dj Xyanyde                       
“The Scouts” by NESMETAL                           
“Destroyed Skyworld” by ACMenes                           
“Super Mario World - Monstrous Turtles!” by zircon                           
“Rainfall Sky” by Bluelily                  
“The Tension Blues” by DJ Derp       
“dunarys” by Gryzor87        
“Shadow Festival Ino's Theme” by さまざまなアーティスト           
“Tempest, Teamwork, Triumph (At Sea)” by Anamanaguchi                 
“The Jungle Dance Floor (Brinstar Jungle Floor)” by Ludópatas de la Seducción          
“Bonus Game -Interlude-” by Chief Takinawa                           
“I AM ERROR” by Dj CUTMAN & SPAMTRON                           
“TRAPPED IN A ROOM WITHOUT A DOOR.exe” by SEGA32X                           
“Nintendo World Cup (NES) Music - Credits Theme” by GBelair