Game Music 4 All Live Radio 8-20-19

Two hours of game music remixes, chiptunes, indie game soundtracks and more. Over ten years of video game based music! Game Music 4 All Live on Twitch and YouTube several times a week!


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“Hot Pursuit” by Flake from Donkey Kong Country: Treetop Tunes

“Secret of the Forest (from "Chrono Trigger")” by Xnarky from At the End of Time: A Tribute to Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger

“Undertale - Hopes and Dreams” by Jorito/Psamathes/Jmabate/Kalu4ii Plays from The Great Tale of the Little Ones Vol. 2 - Disc 1

“Mine Cart Madness” by Knichael Might from Donkey Kong Country: Treetop Tunes

“RUN!” by Ben Durgin from Final Fantasy IX Beyond the Mist - Part 2: Across the Hills

“Luma (from "Super Mario Galaxy")” by Video Game Music Box from Music Box Classics: Mario

“Voyage to Scaraba” by ErichWK from Mother Fucking Earthbound

“The Opened Way” by Ferdk from Battle with the Colossus

“Sinker Squid Winner” by Mayor of Donutville from Game Scores (2016-2019)

“Fair As A Rose, Cavity” by Adam Gubman from Elsinore (Original Game Soundtrack)

“Once Upon a Time” by Scott Wells/Drew Etterle from Chrono Ghost Original Soundtrack

“An Evening With Team Joggernauts” by Robert Frost III from Joggernauts (Original Game Soundtrack)

“Hiding in the Shadows” by Chris Logsdon from Night of the Blood Moon (Original Game Soundtrack)

“Sunshade, City of Pleasures (feat. Sab Irene)” by FamilyJules from The Eightfold Road: Metal Arrangements from Octopath Traveler

“Dancing Mad” by Opus Arise from Invisible Walls

“Copied City” by Sean Schafianski from Chamber Works: NieR Automata

“Children of Termina” by Rozen from Children of Termina (Lossless)

“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Sankara Stone)” by Xoc from The Beginning of the End

“Toobin' - Canals of Mars” by Xoc from If You Don't Listen To My Music I'll Kill This Dog

“Hidden Track” by Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Kanazu, Toshiyuki Ueno from MOTHER 2 (SFC) / EarthBound (SNES)

“妖怪ソフトウェア - SpecterSoft. Logo” by Kobayashi Yamato from 快い亡霊 OST

“Zidane's Theme” by Álex Garcigregor from Final Fantasy IX Beyond the Mist - Part 4: Far from Home

“Star Wolf de La Banda Multiplayer (from "Star Fox 64")” by Ro Panuganti from Multiplayer 4: RESCUE

“Zeigarnik Effect” by Álex Garcigregor from Prognosis

“Metroid” by The Koopas from Warp Zone

“North Polaris” by Katamari from DoD19-02: Snow

“Last Respite” by Jason Graves from Moss (Original Game Soundtrack)

“Theme of Jacob” by Chase Bethea from </reality> Original Soundtrack

“02 - On The Road Again” by Toxsick BOOM from Breath of Fire EP

“Character Creator” by Jake Lionheart from Casual Gamer

“Depressed” by Shadowrunners from SoundCloud

“Lenny's Load Up Groove - Take 3!” by Nathan Cleary from ♪♫ Best Burger OST ♪♫

“The Legend Of Zelda Theme Melody” by Koji Kondo from Nintendo Sound History Series - Zelda The Music

“Spa Resort” by Motoharu Yoshihira from Arcana Heart 3

“Ending” by Kenichi Kamio from Bubble Bobble Part 2 OST