Game Music 4 All CLASSIC EDITION 9

Retrogaming music by virt, DaMonz, Theophany, Another Soundscape, Shadowrunners, and more. Two hours of classic game music remixes, chiptunes, and more. Over ten years of video game based music! New episodes of Game Music 4 All Classic Edition every Thursday. 


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“A Dark World [The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past]” by zyko from Bad Dudes EP

“25 - Lost Souls' Alliance” by Peter McConnell from Grim Fandango

“Radio Hyrule” by Ochre from BETAMOD - Next Level Video Game Compilation

“Left4Dead” by The Bossfights from The Bossfights

“Super Mario Bros 2” by Minibosses from Brass

“Octoling Assault!” by Mega Flare from Splatunes!

“FF00FF” by ChipTots from ChipTots

“KAZE YO TSUTAETE” by Chibi-tech from Chiptuned Rockman

“B.E.I.G.L.” by virt from Contra 4: Rocked 'N' Loaded

“Orpheon” by Theophany from Crystal Flash EP

“Gravity in Terms of Space-Time” by Infinity Shred from Future, and It Doesn't Work

“Condemnation Wings (Tsubaki's Theme)” by Atsushi Hasegawa, Toshihiro Kajihara, Ryuta Tsubokawa, RYO, YUHKI, KEN☆KEN, Ayumu Koshikawa from GUILTY GEAR × BLAZBLUE MUSIC LIVE 2011

“How to Fly” by DaMonz from Kirby's Liberation Service

“005” by Froskees from Low Spirits EP

“RAY of Speed” by Another Soundscape from THE ANSWER ~ Armored Core Tribute Album ~

“Destroyed Skyworld” by ACMenes from Meet The Light

“Red Cyclone (Vocal Version)” by The Grammar Club

“Eruyt Village (From "Final Fantasy XII")” by Hashel05 & GameLark from Mog's Mixtape: Final Fantasy Remixed

“Battle (From "Final Fantasy VI")” by 130Grit Sound Studio & GameLark from Mog's Mixtape: Final Fantasy Remixed

“Chrono Trigger The Incredible Singing Robot OC ReMix” by Star Salzman from OCRemix

“We Got (chip) Love” by Cuckoo from IWADON

“The Ballad of Sir Kibbles ~ Theme of Dream Hunter” by Suzumebachi from Rise of the Star: The Kirby's Adventure Remix Collaboration

“Awakening” by Shadowrunners from 808-Bit Revenge

“Swamp Gases (Bayou Boogie)” by Another Soundscape from - Serious Monkey Business

“Love Dream x Hot Boy” by Kid (St)ink & Young Thug x Toshiharu Yamanishi, Takeshi Yoshida, Tomomi Ootani x Froskees

“Really Big Tree” by Hylian Lemon from Essence of Lime

“california breeze (produced by aqua)” by YTCracker

“Aqua Kong” by RoBKTA from Dank EP (Music from "Donkey Kong")

“Paperboy (in the style of Frank Zappa)” by xoc from VGMITSO (a work in progress)

“Sonik Caves” by analoq from Hedgehog Heaven

“Apartment 1-2 (OD'd and Dead)” by Lie M-f B from Nintendosploitation

“The Meeting (beat by K-Murdock)” by Mega Ran from RNDM

“Bicycle Theme” by Trevor Alan Gomes from Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green Piano Collections

“Love Dream ~Samayoi Hito~” by Toshiharu Yamanishi from Technosoft GAME MUSIC COLLECTION VOL.5 ~ Thunder Force IV