Game Music 4 All CLASSIC EDITION 12

Classic game music remixes by Shnabubula, William Carlos Reyes, Doctor Octoroc, The Koopas, and more. Two hours of classic game music remixes, chiptunes, and more. Over ten years of video game based music! New episodes of Game Music 4 All Classic Edition every Thursday. 


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“Selva Oscura (Forest of Evil Spirits)” by Jorito feat. Tuberz McGee, Furilas from Vampire Variations: Volume III

“Nice Vape Chimp” by Ben Briggs & arthur x medic from Dank EP (Music from "Donkey Kong")

“Silent Hill” by Akira Yamaoka from Silent Hill Original Soundtracks

“Bloody tears” by The Number Sixes from Super Castlevania IV

“William Carlos Reyes - Misterios sin Resolver (Unsolved Mysteries)” by Sindravania Projects & Viking Guitar Productions from Danse Macabre 6

“Dead Running” by Shusaku Uchiyama, Takeshi Miura from Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles Original Soundtrack

“Ashes and Ghosts” by Akira Yamaoka from Silent Hill 2 Original Soundtracks

“For The Culture Ft. Devin Hailey (Prod. by NY Bangers)” by Devin Hailey from Side Missions 2

“Wake Up Granny” by Shnabubula from BADLANDS

“It's Just A Chiptune” by The Analog Kid from Fixie Tricks

“Mario Paint - Gnat Attack Level 2, Save & Load” by Retro Remix Revue from Retro Remix Revue, Volume 1

“Mother Jurassic - House Of The Dead: Overkill” by Pit Stop Productions from House of the Dead Overkill

“Scare Goat” by MC Frontalot from Final Boss

“The Legend of Zelda - No Way Out” by Mustin from The Mustin Collection

“The Defender (Black Knight Battle)” by Jake Kaufman from Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack

“Fountain Drinking” by Jay Tholen from The Great Hylian Revival

“Amanda Lepre (ft. Kyle Hoke) - Dracula (Iced Earth and Castlevania: SotN)” by Viking Guitar Productions from Danse Macabre 2

“Princess Bowsette Castle Theme” by FrivolousShara

“LoZ:LttP - Dark World” by The Koopas from Warp Zone

“5 Jungle (Contra )” by The Electric Witch from NEScapism II: NEScaper!

“The Final Clash(Illusion Of Time)” by Dark Sness - Philharmonic Project from Three Lives Left

“Scrapped Beat” by III from Rockman Zero Collection (ROCKMAN ZERO3)

“Mario Paint "Load/Save the Last Trip-Hop for Me" OC ReMix” by Disco Dan from

“La Noche de los Muertos [Zombies Ate My Neighbors]” by The OneUps from Songs for the Recently Deceased

“Dark Castle Level 1” by Norihiko Hibino, Shuichi Kobori & Akihiro Honda from Lunar Knights

“Labyrinth” by Leeni from Labyrinth

“Kunal Majmudar - DRGN (Fight with Mecha Drago) [MOTHER 3]” by Bad Dudes from Psychokinetic II

“Indestructable” by Leeni from Labyrinth

“Phalanx” by Ippo Yamada from Mega Man ZX Advent

“Tears of the Stars, Thoughts of the People” by Yasunori Mitsuda from Xenogears Original Soundtrack (Disc 2)

“8 Bit Flashback” by Doctor Octoroc, ZOMBIES! ORGANIZE!! from Here Comes a New Challenger 2 Turbo

“Find Me (Mysterious Curse)” by Mak Eightman from Vampire Variations: Volume II

“Fernando Kähs - Is it really over? (Staff Credits, finale)” by (Various Artists) from C A Z A D O R A - A Super Metroid Music Tribute

“Spin Ye Bottle (Minigame)” by Jake Kaufman from Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack

“Ending” by Takeshi Yasuda, Hitoshi Sakimoto from Dragons of Flame (PC-9801)