Game Music 4 All CLASSIC EDITION 7

Retrogaming music by Rare Candy, virt, Chase Bethea, My Parents Favorite Music, and more! Two hours of classic game music remixes, chiptunes, and more. Over ten years of video game based music! New episodes of Game Music 4 All Classic Edition every Thursday. 


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“Super Metroid Metal - Brinstar” by Stemage from Super Metroid Metal        
“Coastline” by Barry Leitch from Top Gear Rally     
“Sundays at Offbeat feat Alexander FR” by ayekincaid from Bizarre Arcade 2 : Nostalgia Kung Fu
“Final Fantasy 6 Intro” by Select Start from Welcome to World 2  
“Terra's Theme” by Select Start from Welcome to World 2  
“Wii Shop Channel (Remix)” by BeatmakerKelz
“Mexican Flyer (Remix)” by Naofumi Hataya, Kenichi Tokoi from Space Channel 5 Original Soundtrack
“Dragon Warrior ” by The Adventures Of Duane & BrandO
“Bramble Reprise (Stickerbrush Symphony)” by Joshua Morse from - Serious Monkey Business
“InterMense” by Chase Bethea from </reality> Original Soundtrack     
“Please Enjoy Your Stay” by Royal Sefton from Bound Together  
“Final Fantasy VII - Red XIII” by Nerd Army from Nerd Army     
“Mark of the Beathsmith (Mark of a Traitor)” by Hy Bound from Voices of the Lifestream Disc 2 - Dirge
“?” by Lawrence Power from Tropicalesque
“Pokémon (R/B/Y/LG/FR) - Trainer Battle, Gym Leader Battle” by Rare Candy from Bomber Blue/Gallant Green
“A Healer's Touch ~Theme of White Mage~” by Level 99, Avaris from Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors ~I. WIND~ 
“Mega Man 3 'Magnet Man Party Van'” by Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire from  
“Mustard” by Saskrotch from I'll Have You Naked by the End of This ROM  
“b3ta B1t3r” by Mr Spastic from 8 to 16 Bit  
“All Your Basements” by My Parents Favorite Music from Testing The Waters
“Hall of Magic” by Shantae: Risky's Revenge from Shantae: Risky's Revenge Original Soundtrack  
“Traverse Beyond the Arch” by Chase Bethea from </reality> Original Soundtrack
“Snow Battle - Remix” by Chris Huelsbeck from Rogue Squadron
“Danimal Across America” by Danimal Cannon from Roots
“Super Mario Bros.” by OneUp Studios - Club Game Music from Club Game Music     
“Welcome To PhunkoLand (FrivolousShara)” by Philonius Phunk from PhunkoLand     
“Mustache and Barrel and Gorilla” by Konami / Nintendo from Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
“Rocketskip” by Skip from Ecospheric Escape     
“I AM ERROR” by Dj CUTMAN & SPAMTRON from Bagu and the Riverman     
“Decide In The Eyes” by 勝又隆一 そうる透 from F-Zero X Guitar Arrange Edition     
“Super Mario Bros Super Jungle Brothers OC ReMix” by Chris J. Hampton from OCRemix     
“Faceless portrait” by dong from Go Square     
“Treasury of the Children” by Disasterpeace from Neutralite     
“Airbrushed” by Anamanaguchi
“Little Nemo The Dream Master Final Boss (Flamingo Pudding Remix)” by Flamingo Pudding from Beat The Boss: Remixes
“PANEL SHOW” from Minna no Rhythm Tengoku
“Tears of the Judge” by Yakuza Heart Attack from Yakuza Heart Attack II  
“Earthbound - Coffee Break” by Quarter Circle Jab from KICKBUTT.exe
“Breaks in Motion” by Chase Bethea from </reality> Original Soundtrack