New Year's post: 2016 Recap and 2017 GM4A Schedule


I've been writing about this music for over ten years now, and it has actually become more difficult to describe the incredible variety of video game inspired music I cover on this site. The best I can say is that I, genoboost, your humble host, fucking love this music. I've heard so much great music throughout 2016. Such incredible tunes make it easy to humbly plug away on this site, sharing my favorite albums with like minded game music lovers.

First, I have to thank the game music fans and readers that continue to check out this site and all things genoboost! Thank you to the artists, of course, who create and share their work online for us all to find and enjoy. Thank you all immensely for over ten years of support! Meeting and interacting with so many amazing fans, artists, and generally cool folks has always made this endeavor incomparably more fun and interesting!

I've heard it's a good idea to look back on previous accomplishments before tackling new ones, and this is also a good way to prepare you for what to expect from Game Music 4 All in 2017.

During 2016 I took on a lot more than simply writing a few sentences about good albums. I invested much more of my time in creating better podcasts and videos. This lead to me sitting in front of the camera for the first time on YouTube for a new series of video album reviews. It also meant a record number of episodes for the SUBCON podcast, which will break 50 episodes in 2017. I've even begun to write lengthy video game articles again! 2016 will be the year I finally sorted out my thoughts on classic games like Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, and more.

You might think all these new endeavors would take away from the original VGM spirit of this blog. Hell no. I'm still going to be sharing two great video game based albums every week!

Let's take a look at some stats this year!

Some accomplishments in 2016

Let's just take a second to bask in these previous accomplishments…

That's enough basking now! 

I've got a lot of goals for Game Music 4 All in this year 2017. Not only do I have goals though, but also a plan, a plan with a schedule. So now you can rest easy, knowing precisely when your favorite content of mine gets posted to the site.

2017 Monthly Schedule

  • First Monday - SUBCON mixtape
  • Second Monday - YouTube Video
  • Third Monday - Feature Length Retro Game Article
  • Every Tuesday & Thursday - VGM Album Post
  • Every other Wednesday - SUBCON Podcast
  • Final Friday - Live Twitch Stream
  • Every other Saturday - The Bystanders Podcast

This doesn't include everything I'm planning to do this year. If all goes according to plan, there will be a constant stream of various audio, visual, and written content! I hope you're ready for another exciting year for myself and for video game music!

You tell 'em Daisy.

You tell 'em Daisy.

Game Music 4 All + SUBCON present the PokeMixTape

All new mixtape for all those folks still hustling at Pokemon Go. Hit the gyms in style with this collection of bumping Pokemon based beats. Get in full Pokemon trainer mode with these remixes of classic Pokemon tracks! Download the .mp3 over on the SUBCON page.

Check out the SUBCON podcast at for the latest episodes and links to all artists featured on the episode

Subscribe to Game Music 4 All on YouTube at to catch the latest episodes of the SUBCON podcast every other Wednesday, and subscribe to the audio version of the show via iTunes or Stitcher!

The Belmonts mysterious debut tribute to Castlevania, the '(Cassette EP)'

the belmonts

It's been a long time since I talked about new music by The Megas… and it's going to be a long time yet. The Belmonts debut with a three track EP telling a tale of vampires and violence. Why did I even bring up the Megas actually?

One thing I am seriously kicking myself over is that this album dropped less than a day before I recorded my SUBCON podcast tribute to Castlevania. Of course the full on wall of rock that The Belmonts drop are far from the norm on SUBCON, I'd have made it work.

The Belmonts rearrange "Bloody Tears" from Simon's Quest, as well as two solid gold classics by Kinuyo Yamashita, "Out of Time" and "Heart of Fire" from the original Castlevania soundtrack. Great timing on the album of course, what with Castlevania celebrating it's 30 Anniversary on September 26.

A mysterious demo tape recently arrived at Dr. Light Studios.

Wrapped in parchment and sealed with wax, the only correspondence included with the cassette was a note reading:

Release me.
-The Belmonts

Could it be, this fabled band is more than just a rumor? Tales of an obscure outfit hailing from Romania have followed us like a phantom - doppelgängers from another place and time whose sound and story are eerily similar to our own...

Who are we to reject their request? We digitized the tape, and here are the results.

The Megas present: The Belmonts.
— The Megas

Surprise chip hop EP 'TO JAPAN WITH LOVE' by Mega Ran, Doug Funnie, & Mr. Miranda

Dope little mixtape from Mega Ran and co, living the gamer dream by visiting Japan. Along with Doug Funnie and Mr Miranda, they drop a four track hip hop tribute to Japan. 

A surprise lo-fi chip-hop album to commemorate the crew’s 2016 Japan tour. ALL PROCEEDS go to assisting with travel costs. Domo Arigatou!

Download includes NSF files of tracks, plus bonus beats.
— Mega Ran Music

Top Tweets

Check out the top tweets and news from GM4A for the past week. Hit me up on Twitter @genoboost to tell me about the latest music you're bumping, or to talk retrogaming and VGM!

Top Tweets

Check out the top tweets and news from GM4A for the past week. Hit me up on Twitter @genoboost to tell me about the latest music you're bumping, or to talk retrogaming and VGM!

Support: Mazedude announces Kickstarter for American Pixels - a Game Music Tribute Album

Get your wallets out, this is a good one. Mazedude has announced a Kickstarter to finance an all new musical tribute to a few incredible US based video game composers. With all my yammering about Yasonuri Mitsuda, Motoi Sakaruba, and Kinuyo Yamashita, I know I'm guilty of forgetting the many incredible composers for the ever growing list of great Western produced games. Both AAA titles like DC Universe (Gerard K. Marino), Brutal Legend (Peter McConnell), and Mass Effect 2 (Jack Wall), as well as indie games Liquid Tribes (Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson), and Mighty Switch Force 2 (Jake Kaufman) are well represented among over a dozen tracks.

It's already been ten years since the American Album? How time flies. and I've been listening to Mazedude since even before that. Back in them good ole dial-up / OCReMix days of yore.'Yore' meaning circa 2001. I have to imagine the first track I heard from Mazedude was either 'Island of Zeal' (Chrono Trigger) or 'Norfair Deathmarch" (Super Metroid). The point is, Mazedude has been at it for years, and it gets none better, especially in the American made, American remixed tracks from his (with your help) American series of albums. 

Be sure to check out Mazedude's Kickstarter campaign, and donate anywhere between $1 and $3350 to reach that $5K goal in the next 29 days!

Top Tweets

Check out the top tweets and news from GM4A for the past week. Hit me up on Twitter @genoboost to tell me about the latest music you're bumping, or to talk retrogaming and VGM!

2 Mello's Adult Swim inspired album of jazz hip hop beats, 'midnight broadcasts vol. 1'

2 Mello's Adult Swim inspired album of jazz hip hop beats, 'midnight broadcasts vol. 1'

This is the latest, hottest, jazziest fire that Mello has dropped since, oh right, EarthBIG. When I think Mello couldn't hit me in the core of my nerd any harder than Nastlevania, he dedicates a full album to those surreal messages from the dudes at Williams Street, those classic Adult Swim bumps you'd read, and hear, between the various animated series.

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Top Tweets

Check out the top tweets and news from GM4A for the past week. Hit me up on Twitter @genoboost to tell me about the latest music you're bumping, or to talk retrogaming and VGM!






Debut album by Frog & Cid 'Boss Chamber Music'

Debut album by Frog & Cid 'Boss Chamber Music'

Despite the fact that many classic video game tunes are indelibly seared into my brain, it has become less and less often that I actually get to go back and hear the original music that made me start this website in the first place. Luckily the debut release, Boss Chamber Music, from the duo of Frog & Cid have collected and rearranged a variety of vintage RPG jams. F&C do them up right with live arrangements from classics like Chrono Trigger, several Final Fantasy titles, Pokemon, and the Legend of Zelda. Over a dozen tracks, including several intriguing medleys that will take you through not just different scenes, but different games entirely.

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NESMETAL releases ambitious chiptune metal album 'Dead Lights and Dark Towers'

t's been a long while since NESMETAL announced this album, but after a few delays, Dead Lights and Dark Towers is finally here. The chiptune, metal, symphonic, concept album consists of intense and complex chiptunes. 

The album is available free from Pterodactyl Squad. If only I had a VG Metal, or a chiptune podcast, this album would get a full podcast dedicated to it. Expect a video review in the future though!

Dead Lights and Dark Towers is a concept album of sorts detailing my journey into brokenness. Fear and hopelessness. Doubt. Bitter vengeance and despair, and my discovery of just how deeply rooted into my being those things had become over more than a decade. However, it is also a testament to an unrelenting Love, that was (and is still), always patiently waiting. Always searching me out. Even through the depths of my own darkness, always loving me. We all carry some kind of brokenness inside, in some way or another... and Love is always calling out to us.

Good Talk, new chiptune rock album by (T-T)b

The latest from amazing and unpronouncable chiptune rockers (T-T)b. Download 11 tracks of soaring bitpop anthems. If you want to go full retro by purchasing it in cassette/T-shirt form, that is also an option. 

Sometimes I forget how influential chiptunes have been for myself and this blog. I would start a chiptune podcast, but I think that market is taken. Expect me to sneak a few of these tracks into SUBCON though.

(T-T)b is:
Joey - guitar, programming, vocals
Jake - bass
Nick - drums

Recorded by Carson Lewis in Boston, MA
Mixed & Mastered by Rob Duffy (
Art by FEEBLEE (
Produced by Jason Rosa
Released by Play it Loud!
— (T-T)b

The mashup return of 2 Mello: Earthbound X Biggie Smalls album EarthBIG

The mashup return of 2 Mello: Earthbound X Biggie Smalls album EarthBIG

More than any other product, franchise, character, or story, I feel like Earthbound is the most malleable. Many people who play the game have a heartfelt relationship with the old gray cartridge. It's obvious to say that Earthbound has become an incredibly influential piece of work among video game fans. 

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dren mcdonald releases Soundtrack to Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirate's Hideout

It'll only get dangerouser from here. 


With a hybrid style best described as "chipbilly," this catchy soundtrack combines the twangy country/western swamp music of Dangerous Dave's redneck roots with nostalgic chip sounds reminiscent of the original game's electronic sound effects.

"I wanted to pay tribute to Dave's hillbilly nature, but also include the historical aspect of the game, and the iconic chip sound effects that it employed," says Dren McDonald of the music's chipbilly vibe. "I imagined a group of bluegrass musicians on a porch, jamming together with chip musicians on circuit-bent GameBoys and laptops. Game environments like the caves and the pirate hideouts also play a part in the composition, but the overall sense of blending these instruments together was the guiding principle."

"Dren's soundtrack for Dangerous Dave hit the target perfectly -- 80's chiptune references within a modern hillbilly sound that's bent toward the kind of diversity that games demand in their music," says John Romero. "The amazing violin on several tracks helps showcase the excellent musical framework Dren composed specially for this game."


Dren McDonald's passion for video game music dates all the way back to the Atari 2600 he found under a Christmas tree sometime during the 1970s. His game composition credits include the recently released Gathering Sky, the upcoming Gunman Taco Truck (also for Romero Games), Ghost Recon: Commander, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, and Ravenwood Fair, among many others. In 2014 he released The String Arcade (, a compilation of original string quartet arrangements of classic and modern video game themes, with all proceeds going to support a nonprofit music program for underprivileged elementary school children. Learn more on his website,

Welcome to CHIPBILLY! Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirate’s Hideout first appeared as a computer game for the Apple II in 1990, created by John Romero, a well known game designer who was also instrumental in other influential games such as Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D & Ravenwood Fair. John has recreated this game for play on iOS and Android devices, with the original graphics being a free download, and an HD version with new graphics and this music!

The character of DAVE is a bit of a hillbilly, and given the vintage of the original game’s sounds (the original game’s sound effects all had a recognizable video game ‘chip’ generated sound), I tried to create a hybrid of hillbilly mountain music with the chip sounds. I imagined a big group of musicians on a porch, some with banjos, dobro guitars and an upright bass, and some with old keyboards and circuit bent GameBoys, all jamming together. Then, of course, there are caves and a Pirate hideout to think about.
— dren mcdonald

Listen to 'Break My Limits,' an FFVII Battle Theme remix by DJ Chief Takinawa

Get hyped for the Smash Bros Direct presentation later today with this extra hot drum n bass remix of the classic battle theme music from Final Fantasy VII. Takinawa laid this track down immediately after the Cloud in Smash reveal, and it drops just in time for the final info on Cloud Strife.

SublimeCloud drops futuristic hip hop beats in the new 'Delusions of Grandeur EP'

An engrossing collection of chill hip hop beats inspired by the sights and sounds of anime, video games, and various other things that one may describe as 'kawaii' 

I definitely have to keep this album in my pocket as part of my heatwave emergency kit. The nourishing chillwave beats from SublimeCloud are the perfect respite to the constant yet unusual heatwaves that infect my home city at any given moment. 

Despite the consistent soothing nature of the album, Delusions of Grandeur holds quite a bit of variety. Opening track, "Numinous Travels," sounds somewhere between a slow dance ballad and a race track. "Sunsets With You" veers more traditionally with winding vocal samples and a mix of traditional sounds and future beats.

The final track, "See You Tomorrow," Everyone, is as grandiose as the EPs title implies. Soaring vocals, a deep bassline, and the constant smattering of samples and riffs keep the four minute song interesting right on through to the end of the album. I'd be glad to hear this track at the conclusion of any harrowing journey.