genoboost reviews the Final Fantasy VII commercial

genoboost reviews the Final Fantasy VII commercial

I hate Final Fantasy VII.

Well, I love Final Fantasy VII, but don't tell Final Fantasy VII I said that. FFVII doesn't deserve my love, but I often find myself thinking about all the good times we had together. It's such a toxic relationship.

It's going to take a few more therapy sessions before I'm comfortable digging into all that though. Today I simply want to discuss a small portion of the very rich meal that is Final Fantasy VII. There are a lot of layers to this RPG onion, and I want to focus solely on the dry skin, slowly fading under the produce section lights. I'll be dissecting Square's game changing game commercial which appeared on US television ahead of the games stateside release.

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genoboost's Castlevania 30th Anniversary Soundtrack Retrospective

genoboost's Castlevania 30th Anniversary Soundtrack Retrospective

30 years ago, Konami released a game called Castlevania. The horror themed adventure game came out in Japan for the Famicom Disk System on September 26, 1986. This also means that the soundtrack, composed by James Banana AHEM i mean Kinuyo Yamashita, has also existed for 30 years! In my personal opinion, the finest waveforms to ever flow out of the NES' 2a03 sound chip.

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Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii turns eight years old

Daisy has been waiting too long for a rematch

Daisy may be a Princess, but she carries herself knowing full well that she can completely dominate a heated soccer match against any challenger.

Rare is the Super Mario game that earns anything higher than the all inclusive E rating from the ESRB. It's been eight years since Next Level Games was able to accomplish such a daring task with the Wii title Mario Strikers Charged. Unlike the friendly rounds of golf and tennis the Mario party take part in, soccer in the Mushroom Kingdom is an unbelievably competitive experience. The intensity of the Strikers series is on par with the all out brawls of the Super Smash Bros.

The developers at Next Level Games' most recent release was the well received Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon for the 3DS. I hope that Next Level Games will get the chance to return to their sports game roots sometime in the near future, preferably with another soccer tournament involving the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, especially in a world with the Nintendo expanding DLC of Mario Kart 8.

Link leading a team of Stalfos with an octorok goalie fending off Bowser and his crew of dry bones? I'll pre-order that right now.

Remix of "Road to the Striker Cup" from Mario Strikers Charged (Football). A really awesome game!
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Guilty Gear turns 17! Get in that fighting mood with these hard rock vocal arrangements

A live recording of Guilty Gear music performed in Los Angeles

Epic fighting game metal, with lyrics! Talk about my kind of jam. Of course I know the words to all these songs, and of course I sing them when playing Guilty Gear.

This music always gets me pumped up for whatever minor tasks take up my day. Conveniently, it is also available on iTunes

Are you a fan of Guilty Gear and the series music by Daisuke Ishitawari? Share some of your favorite tracks and guilty gear memories with us!

The tenth anniversary of the final Puyo release in the US

Looking back on 10 years since Sega's Puyo Pop Fever.

It's no secret that I love the Puyo Puyo series. After I was fooled into believing it was a Kirby game back on the SNES, I fell in love with the frenetic pace of the Puyo series (Known stateside as Kirby's Avalanche at the time).

Little did I know that some ten years later I would get an explosively colorful new iteration of the game by Sonic Team, back when those words meant something. This time, Puyo Puyo retained most of it's original name as Puyo Pop Fever when it was released for the Nintendo DS on May 3rd, 2005. Even littler did I know that this would be the final Puyo game in the US ever since. 

There have been plenty of Puyo games since 2005 by the way. I've imported a few of them. Unlike the incredibly niche audience the game has garnered in the west, Japan has celebrated the 15th and 20th anniversaries of the series with robust new outings. Recently Japan received a fusion of Puyo Puyo Fever and Tetris in one strange colorful package. I am still waiting for prices to drop a tad before I import that one. Why a floundering Sega refuses to port a ready made puzzler to the US market is hard to fathom, especially in a world now replete with downloadable puzzle offerings. Unfortunately, the consistent incompetence of Sega is movie worthy, so I won't get into it here.

As the Dreamcast slowly faded away, and with it the dreams of many gamers who fell in love with DC Sega games such as Jet Grind Radio, Chu Chu Rocket, and Space Channel 5. I think that the final game to escape that era of Sega and into the wild is the Puyo series re-imagining Puyo Pop Fever. The bright and colorful cast fits right in next to the protagonists of the aforementioned series. To drive the point home about this being the end of an era, The Dreamcast release of Puyo Pop Fever (Puyo Puyo Fever in Japan) was also the final Dreamcast game created by Sonic Team. 

Pour a little out for the Dreamcast.

As Sega's star fell, Puyo Pop Fever found itself ported to practically every system available in Japan at the time. Out of about a dozen different platforms, only the Gamecube and DS versions found themselves a release outside Japan. In fact, unlike the Sega published Gamecube release in 2004, the DS version of Puyo Pop Fever was published nearly a year later by Atlus.

I often wonder if this game had come out, perhaps three years earlier, at the height of the Dreamcast, would it have found the same niche audience that loves the Sega games of the era? 

Did you ever have the chance to play any version of the long running Puyo Puyo franchise? Do you think Sega should release another Puyo game outside of Japan?

Adventures of Lolo series turns 26 years old

HAL's classic trilogy celebrates over a quarter century of brain-twisting puzzles.

It's been a long time since Lolo and his girlfriend Lala found themselves as the stars of a video game, but old school NES fans could never forget room after room of challenging puzzles while those upbeat 2A03 chip sounds cheered us onward.

A few facts about the Adventures of Lolo series

  • The original Adventures of Lolo is actually a compilation of puzzles from HAL's puzzle series Eggerland
  • Due to the reused puzzles, Adventures of Lolo was never released in Japan, so when AoL2 and 3 were released in Japan, they were known as AoL and AoL2 respectively
  • The Japanese releases in the Adventures of Lolo series featured more difficult puzzles than the US versions.
  • According to Adventures of Lolo for Game Boy, series protagonists Lolo and Lala have had a child, Lulu.
  • The final game in the series was released in 1990, although the last time Lolo and Lala appeared in a game was HAL's 1996 SNES game Kirby Superstar. 

Take a moment and pay tribute to one of the classics that made the NES era so special by listening to former HAL composer Hideki Kanazashi's full Adventures of Lolo 3 soundtrack, in stereo.

Did you ever play the Adventures of Lolo series? Do you think Nintendo should dig this series out of the closet?

'Cinematic RPG' Parasite Eve series turns 17 years old

Square-Enix' Playstation classic celebrates another year.

Square released the 'cinematic RPG' Parasite Eve in Japan on March 29th, 1998. A survival horror game for the PlayStation, it was basically Square's take on the Resident Evil franchise. In essence that meant RPGify everything. The one-camera views and prerendered backgrounds remained, but added to the 'slowly shoot monsters' formula were customizable firearms, magic spells and effects, and more CG cut scenes than Square could likely afford. 

Unlike the constant fantasy settings of most RPGs, Parasite Eve took place in then modern day New York, and instead of a mysterious swordsman or young night, the game starred rookie NYPD officer Aya Brea. Of course realism goes out the window on Brea's first night on the job as the wildlife of New York begin to mutate into hideous creatures. This also marks another RPG in which you fight a dinosaur.

You fight a T-Rex, you shoot it with an AK-47 that shoots magic bullets.

In honor of such a momentous moment in gaming, take a moment to listen to the eclectic and amazing Parasite Eve soundtrack composed by Yoko Shimomura.

Did you ever play Parasite Eve, if so, what did you think of it? Let us know about your own thoughts on the Parasite Eve series and soundtrack in the comments below.