Listen to the upbeat chiptunes of Losap track November


I am a big fan of seasonally themed tracks, especially ones about Fall or Winter as I languish in this desert heat here in Los Angeles. Losap answers my sun parched prayers with the track November. This is one of my favorite tracks on the rich fruit that is the Party Sometimes album.

More forthcoming on the album soon. First I Need to hunt down this Losap character and get some info out of him beyond his handful of posts over on This guy should never stop making music, that much seems true.

ReZonance Reviews January by Disasterpeace

In a bonus round of Rezonance Reviews, Rez takes an inappropriately warm look at the flash game January. Created by chiptune musician and designer Disasterpeace, the title is not really a game at all. The official site describes January as a "generative music tool."

Rez ponders both the player generated sounds along with the mood January evokes, especially in the sweatiest part of summer. Hit play to find out more about this fascinating flash based trip to a much cooler moment in time.

I had a moment to play it,which is all you need. Though, given the time I could see myself slowly plinking out randomly generated rhythms for hours. Each note that rings out with a soothing, rewarding tone that can make your heart yearn for that January snowfall. This 'game' is a soothing experience any gamer can enjoy for a moment to unwind. Be sure to check out the game at, and let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.

Published on Nov 7, 2012

JanuaryReZ Reviews the indie browser based game, January. This game really says something about the way interactive music in a game can really pull you in,

It's so simple, and so beautiful.

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