Listen to piano and violin cover of 'Great Fairy Fountain' from Legend of Zelda by Kim Kev

You know you want to start a new save file after hearing this

We record covers of video game music arranged for violin and piano. Video game music is amazing, and our mission is to keep this music alive, and inspire people to play video games and appreciate it as an art form. Our arrangements are all done by us, and we strive to keep the nostalgia factor of the original tracks while showcasing the timbre and virtuosity of our instruments.
Enjoy and share our covers!
— Kim Kev

Inafune week continues with a piano and violin arrangement of Hyrule Town from Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap

Get caught up in Keiji Inafune's take on Hyrule Town in this adventurous remix by Kim Kev

After Mighty No. 9, perhaps Inafune would be interested in creating a new top down adventure in the style of Legend of Zelda? I would absolutely help kickstart that idea. Let us know what you think of the idea in the comments!