Watch the official teaser trailer for upcoming 2 Mello mashup project Final Fantasy: The 3/6 Chambers

Official teaser video and audio for my upcoming mashup, Final Fantasy: The 3/6 Chambers, featuring the lyrical talents of the Wu-Tang Clan and the beautiful music of Final Fantasy 6, composed by Nobuo Uematsu. I hope you enjoy it. Release date is October 20, 2014 on

This is as real as it gets! 

Hip Hop heads who hate that radio BS, and 16-Bit RPG die hards who wouldn't touch a polygon with a ten foot pole have had it coming for some time now. It's the grand finale of the 2 Mello trilogy, and it happens October 20th. This means that this album comes just in time to be my alternate soundtrack to the upcoming Mario Kart 8 updates in mid November.

Watch video game jazz group The OneUps rehearsing for their upcoming album


A few juicy bits of music before The OneUps head into the studio for their sixth album.

I remember a day when we had one OneUps album, and dammit, that was plenty. Of course a world with multiple The OneUps albums is not one I can disagree with. 

One more long rehearsal until we hit the studio this weekend to record our SIXTH studio album! We've really kicked things into overdrive for this one; expect to see more videos soon of the numerous guest musicians we'll have in studio! In the meantime, check out a couple different grooves from some of the new pieces.