Listen to debut chiptune EP 'Experimentations' by Doctor Robotic

Tim Gilmore is Doctor Robotic, and this is his debut album of haunting chiptune tracks. The songs all feature the sound o futuristic dread, or maybe that's how I'm feeling thanks to the artwork. The existential dread of these tracks make the perfect theme for the incoming fall season.

I wrote a portion of this music a couple years ago, then decided to do something with my life and finish something for once. The order of the songs in this album is the same as the order that they were written. This is my first solo album, and first attempt at writing chiptune songs.
— Doctor Robotic

A bunch of songs by The J. Arthur Keenes Band in 'Fuzzy Posters & Pain (demo)'

There is something blindingly brilliant about The J. Arthur Keenes band. Ever since I heard Pamplemousse I fell in love with the whole band. Some of my favorite songs in my life  are because JAK took forum requests for song ideas. Luckily there is yet more to be heard from the mighty JAK Band. 8 unreleased tracks from a never before released collection of songs written in 2013, probably. 

I still remember a rare chance of hanging out with Danimal Cannon, and my ringtone was a classic from Pamplemousse, naturally. When Dan heard it, we discussed the album, which had recently come out on the now retired Pause netlabel. He said he didn't care for it! GASP To each their own of course, but my amount of shock at someone not liking The J. Arthur Keenes Band debut showed me that I really think this guy-roup is amazing.

I don't need to write about the album. Hit play. This album sells itself.

The great lost J. Arthur Keenes Band album — a bunch of songs written and recorded in about a week in the winter of 2013, I think? Now available for the first time to the hungry public.
— The J. Arthur Keenes Band