New episodes of chiptune podcasts

If you're looking for some fresh new chiptune beats to fill your iPod with, the Gamewave Podcast and STFUAJPGM both recently released new episodes. Check out Episode 50 of the Gamewave Podcast featuring music from seal of quality, Anamanaguchi, PaleDeth, Rob Howard, Joshua Morse, JayTresh, Spamtron, Sleeper Hold, ??? and Elfonso. Then check out Episode 12: Full Circle from STFUAJPGM featuring tracks from Rico Zerone, Futurnari, MisfitChris, Disasterpeace, Prof. Sakamoto and JMR. There's also art from Squirrelsquid, video from 4mat and words from the curator, Steve Jenkins.

New STFUAJPGM, Episode 10: The Imaginary Man

Superb chiptune podcast, STFUAJPGM has just released a new episode with the theme of "Chip music combined with more traditional instrumentation. Songs that are half man, half machine."

Episode 10: The Imaginary Man features music from Chromelodeon, Teleidofusion, Starscream, Statikz (feat. The J. Arthur Keenes Band) and The Shortsleeves, along with complementary art and words. Go listen now!

New episode of the Gamewave Podcast

After almost a year of radio silence, the Gamewave Podcast returns! Episode 46 is guest hosted by Steve Jenkins of Crystal Labs and STFUAJPGM and features some killer music, including chiptunes from Spamtron, Disasterpeace, Little-scale and Virt. If, like Steve, you'd like to host your own episode and become a very minor internet celebrity, please do get in touch at contact at gamewavepodcast dot com.

As usual, you can subscribe to the feed at or download the episodes directly from And if you don't know what the Gamewave Podcast is, you're missing out, so go now. Now. We'll wait.

New episode of STFUAJPGM

Chiptune podcast STFUAJPGM have just released their 5th episode, this one curated by yours truly, Joe Allen of the Gamewave Podcast.

As usual, each episode combines a mixtape of chiptune music, art, video and text, all centered around a particular theme. The theme for Episode 5 was Space, and we chose music from x|k, RushJet1, Skip, SLiVeR, Sabrepulse and Phlogiston. Check out the page for Episode 5 here, or download the ZIP here.