Check out the debut, self-titled chiptune rock album by Marshall Art

One of those albums you hate yourself for not posting when it dropped.

I love the shizz, and I love all the shizzies and other folks who appear on this far too short album.

This album seriously has everything, even SPAMTRON!

Review definitely incoming, been a while since I had some time alone with a brilliant chiptune album. 

Marshall Art is a transatlantic band made up of Jeffrey Roberts from Canada and Mikhail Ivanov from Russia. Combining the cold structural beauty of NES chiptunes and the hot energy of live guitar, they play instrumental music influenced by post-rock, progressive rock, ambient and various electronic genres.

Papercut You Into Little Pieces (05:21)

Asteroid Driller (06:11)

They’re Like Locusts (feat. spamtron) (05:52)

Nothing Can Be Fixed Here. God, Burn! (05:42)

Marshall Art (19:19)

All songs by Jeffrey Roberts / Mikhail Ivanov.
Except “They’re Like Locusts” by Jeffrey Roberts / Mikhail Ivanov / Guerin McMurry.

Additional vocals on “Marshall Art” by Cory Johnson, Cydran, C-jeff, destoo, Erik Peabody (Viking Guitar), GearX2, Harmsing, Hoodie, Janx, John Schock, Katamari, Level 99, Mama Ryn, Masha Zalivanskaya, Monte, Multi-Memory Controller, norg, Ryn, Travis Morgan, ViridianForge and zyko.

Mixing and additional production by Cory Johnson.
Cover art by Andrei Karlin.

Marshall Art would like to thank Andrei, brodan, Cory, Dino, Dmitry, Emily, Guerin, Hoodie, Remy, Legacy Printing & Design, pixie druid, The Shizz, Mandy and Masha.

MeowMeow & BowWow a Link's Awakening tribute


The immense musical might of Spamtron and Dj CUTMAN have recombined in their new album MeowMeow & BowWow. In their latest album, the duo pays tribute to the classic Game Boy title The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening. This classic handheld game is the fourth installment of the long running Nintendo series, and has recently celebrated it's 20th anniversary just this past month.

Dj CUTMAN and Spamtron drop some feverishly catchy remixes that will get your mind all set for adventure. Bump this in the club and people will start dropping rupees.

DJ CUTMAN w/ Spamtron, Mykah, and dj-Jo - The TRIFORCE of BASS album release

Looks like DJ CUTMAN has fulfilled his destiny and found the three EPs that create the legendary Triforce of Bass. Grab it from the DJ CUTMAN bandcamp for free and hear tributes to Zelda from Skyward Sword to the original title that started it all.

Dj CUTMAN - The Legend of Dubstep mixtape release

So there are those who like dubstep, and those who do not. I am firmly in the former camp, and in case you don't believe where my loyalties lie, then just ask me how much I love this new mixtape by Dj CUTMAN. Right from the cold opening of Arion's Pokémon Dubstep Theme Song as it builds into Pikachu dropping a lightning bolt of warbling bass, I'm already on board for the next 40 minutes.

The Legend of Dubstep heads out from the world of Pokemon to visit my old friend Spamtron with his NES Mix of Lost Woods. We hear more great Zelda remixes from Ephixa, including his own rendition of Lost Woods, and my personal favorite, Song of Storms. a classic Tetris tune by Doctor P, and get a little heavy hearted with remixes of Corrider of Time (Chrono Trigger) and Terra's Theme (Final Fantasy 6) via Mekamodo, and Yeahdef respectively. Added all together you wind up with over half an hour of pulsating bass and chopped up, remixed VGM.

I highly suggest setting this album to play next time you are throwing down in a round of Mortal Kombat or the fighting game of your choice. I may be a little biased, but I am pretty sure every fight was more awesome with dubstep.

That brings me to a question. What will be the first game to throw down with an original dubstep soundtrack. Although, I hope, with asking the question, someone will point me to an amazing one that has already been made. Then I won't even have to do any of the leg work.

Anyway, go grab this album via Dj CUTMAN's website. Then let him know that if he ever does another dubstep mix, that Zircon's latest track, Ashes to Ashes, included on the recently released Harmony of a Hunter, has got to be worked in somehow.

New episode of the Gamewave Podcast

After almost a year of radio silence, the Gamewave Podcast returns! Episode 46 is guest hosted by Steve Jenkins of Crystal Labs and STFUAJPGM and features some killer music, including chiptunes from Spamtron, Disasterpeace, Little-scale and Virt. If, like Steve, you'd like to host your own episode and become a very minor internet celebrity, please do get in touch at contact at gamewavepodcast dot com.

As usual, you can subscribe to the feed at or download the episodes directly from And if you don't know what the Gamewave Podcast is, you're missing out, so go now. Now. We'll wait.

2 new releases from Pterodactyl Squad

Following on from the massive success of Weezer - The 8-bit Album, Pterodactyl Squad have just made two new releases. The first is NESMETAL's latest work, Void:

The prolific NESMETAL returns with his 4th release on Pterodactyl Squad, this his most dark and brooding work to date - Void. Inspired by the release of the retro-styled Mega Man 9 one year ago, NESMETAL decided to go back to basics, using simpler textures and rhythms to take his sound in a new direction. But fear not, the heavy metal themes and complex song structures still remain, making this release another truly interesting and original chapter in the tale of NESMETAL.

Then next we have a compilation full of brand new and unreleased tracks from the artists on Pterodactyl Squad.

  1. Heroes In The Snow - arcadecoma.
  2. Random Encounter In The Cereal Aisle - Spheres of Chaos
  3. Love Prevails - NESMETAL
  4. Medical Advice - Multifaros
  5. Sound Team JDK Homage 01 - Lawrence Power
  6. Candy Poppy - L'homme Manete
  7. Range of Korgameth - Temp Sound Solutions
  8. JW86 takut Wewegombel - Je deviens dj en 3 jours
  9. Mr. Glass - Skip
  10. Sound Team JDK Homage 07 - Lawrence Power
  11. GAYLA - Spamtron
As usual, download them both for free, and look out for a brand new fake soundtrack to come soon from Lawrence Power.

Concatenation Records album releases - Nevar Say Die volumes 1 and 2, The Wonderful World of Willow

A place I have rarely mentioned until now, a wonderful, magical place that helps dreams come true (well if your dream is to get help for going to MAGFest at least). Anyway, this place is known as Concatenation Records and is home to many great releases. A few I am highlighting here as a crash course in the website with the following releases.

From a collection of the best minds in video game inspired music, all concentrated in the pure awesomeness of The Shizz Minibosses boards comes Nevar Say Die! Compilation, Volume One. Released October 9th, 2007 for $5 to get hopeful shizzies out to MAGFest, the album boasts impressive original tunes and incredible video game covers from the endless talent in the minibosses boards community. The album is still available now to continue providing money for the ever helpful Shizzie MAGFest Fund. Check out the incredible list of artists below over the 19 tracks. Still an incredible buy even today.

01. xoc - Magic Johnson's Fast Break
02. Wizards and Warriors (featuring Spamtr0n) - Grim Bleeper
03. Ashane - Cyrinite
04. Spamtr0n - Water Dripping in the Metvl Cave
05. Temp Sound Solutions - Room Temperature
06. Disasterpeace - Death Satellite Evasion
07. TheoConfidor - Into the Depths
08. Mustin - Serenity (Final Fantasy VII)
09. pingosimon - Metroid Symphony (performed by the San Diego State University Orchestra)
10. Phlogiston - Ture and Yoru
11. atomic-guy - Double Dip
12. The OneUps - Bomberman
13. M-H - Blue Knight of Ballacetine
14. Kodiak Attack - Motörbear
15. Metalbishop - FPS
16. weener and Tender Lad - Battleaxe Babes
17. ansgaros - How?
18. mercatfat - That's So Ironic!
19. Temp Sound Solutions - Rotten Fruit Msgboard Apology

On November 4th, 2008, just about one year after the initial release, Concatenation brought us Nevar Say Die! Compilation, Volume Two. This time compiling 17 tracks of refined shizzery for the same goal of getting people out to MAGFest, we see a lot of new additions along with old favorites and staples of the community contributing incredible works. Available as Either a $5 download or $8-10 for a ritzy pressed copy of the amazing album (I have my copy by the way). Once again check out the tracks below and get prepared, as Nevar Say Die 3 is on it's way soon!

01. neu cetera - Never Say Die (Outsourcing My Use of Profos)
02. ansgaros - Dolls' Night
03. small child david - TranceSexual
04. The Sticky Situation - Nice Graphics
05. Temp Sound Solutions - All I've Got, I Had to Steal
06. Cyanidic Rapture - Cold Open
07. Brian and Josiah Tobin - Transmission
08. Kevin Hagge - Breakdown
09. TheoConfidor - Ensis Obitus
10. M-H - Union Alpha
11. Analog Wizards - Master Blaster
12. The Tendonites - Paradijs bij het Köttfärslimpa
13. streifig - Honey, you ate the onion pie again, didn't you?
14. cacomistle - The Funnyz
15. weener and Tender Lad - The Ferryman
16. XMark - Cyanide Overdose
17. Vegeroth & Battlerager - Nevar Say Die

Our final album started as a humble request to bring some Christmas cheer to some kind folks grew into another behemoth collection of stellar work from The Shizz Minibosses community. Taking the amazing, but overlooked soundtrack to the NES game based on the movie Willow, over a dozen artists organized and released The Wonderful World of Willow. This 18 song collection covers the entire soundtrack to Willow, and is amazing whether or not you are familiar with that particular games soundtrack. This is also another album which puts money into the MAGFest fund of which I have mentioned many times. Five dollars nets you the 320kbps MP3 files, while a measly $8-10 will hook you up with the full fancy CD Package. Just like the above two, this album features a who's who of amazing VG inpired musical talent and then some.

01. norg - The Journey Begins
02. Cide Projekt - Das Kennwort ist...
03. Mystic Nova - When the Mist Becomes Dew
04. ShawnPhase - Endless Frost
05. TheoConfidor - A Royal Catastrophe
06. Cide Projekt - Kempf
07. Josiah Tobin - Dark Walls
08. Ryan8bit - Put Aside Strife
09. Amaranthine Skies - The Lords of Nockmaar Will Fall
10. NESTERBABIES - Cheef Up the Helium
11. ShinerCCC - Beautiful Lake Cheef
12. Ryan8bit - Zhena, Warwick Princess
13. Battlerager - Another Challenge Yet To Face
14. cacomistle - WILLOW'D
15. ShinerCCC - Corner of Tir Asleen and Sandwich Street
16. Vegeroth - Assaulting the Fort
17. xoc - Xocmaar Castle
18. The Powerful Shizzards - We Willow Ways Remember

I hope that was a sufficient introduction to the many amazing releases from Concatenation Records. Be sure to check them out at and keep an eye on them for new and fresh releases of original and VG inspired works, many of which are free to download!

CrunchyCo Records - Lo-Tek Resistance Compilation release

A few months ago chiptune label Crunchyco Records organized a free compilation called Lo-Tek Resistance. This album showcases many of the amazing musicians on the label including personal favorite Spamtron and many others. The reasoning for the name goes as such.

"Inspired by the renegade chiptune street shows of the same name, the Lo-Tek Resistance Compilation showcases a diverse mix of tracks by locals from around the Pacific Northwest, home of CrunchyCo. Check out ten killer tunes and look out for these guys on the streets!"

Check out the track list of amazing chiptunists below and be sure to check out for a ton of other amazing releases!

01. Lo Intro by Fighter X
02. Lo-Tek Resistance by Fighter X
03. Disco Tripper by Circles
04. Obamatron by Spamtron
05. Slangtag by McFiredrill
06. MYWIVES by Oven Rake
07. Valley Heights by Plain Flavored
08. Jungle Runner by SeanBad
09. SYZYGY by Lunar Synthetic
10. Gesar Says by Infradead
11. Foam by Deepearth.void

Spamtron releases Never Say Die through CrunchyCo

Spamtron has just released his first ever CD over at the CrunchyCo shop, entitled Never Say Die. It's available to purchase for $9.99 and comes with some badass pixel art, as seen below. The release contains 18 tracks, and you can listen to samples of each one before you buy as well as download some of the tracks for free. Go check it all out now!

P.S. Happy New Year everyone!

Pterodactyl Squad re-releases Spamtron's Triple Screen

They say 13 is unlucky for some, but not in this case: PTE013 is a re-release of Spamtron's epic Triple Screen! Originally released on Spamtron's own seminal netlabel, Mega Twerp in 2006, the release has been unavailable for a while now, but the Squad decided to set this injustice straight and re-release Triple Screen, along with a bonus track featuring Joe Allen on drums.

"Triple Screen is what a 3-screen handheld gaming system would sound like. This system uses the 320-bit Z-sound chip, which doesn't really exist in real life. I just made that up, because Triple Screen is mostly a huge tribute to the many styles, sounds, cultures, and moods of music found in video games. It is my way of saying "arigato gozaimasu" to all of the awesome Japanese composers that made our childhoods so awesome with such diverse, inspiring soundtracks. They are the people that allow us to return to our childhoods just by putting some old Nintendo songs in our MP3 player and rocking out like it's 1990.

At the time, this was the most synthy-and-drummy/proggy/eclectic/Virt-inspired album that I'd done so far. I was very fascinated with the various tones made possible by FM synthesis and SNES sampling technology, which I felt were both under-appreciated back then. I was listening to a lot of underground hip hop, J-rock, glitch, ambient, VG music, chiptunes, and obscure metal at the time of writing these songs. I bet you can probably hear those influences in this album! I hope that this album is as fun for you to listen to as it was for me to create. This album is totally free, so feel free to share with your friends, and make copies of floppies and stuff! Just let me know if you decide to use it for any commercial purposes, and we can discuss it! Anyway, have fun and enjoy this big stack of an album!"

Triple Screen release page

Micropalooza '08 - Ground Kontrol

Nerdapalooza isn't the only awesome nerdy music festival with 'palooza' in its title you know! Micropalooza is taking place over the 7th and 8th of August this year at the Ground Kontrol arcade/bar in Portland, Oregon. There's a great lineup of chiptune artists involved and at $10 per day or $15 for both days you can't go wrong. And if you do get bored with the music you can always go and play some Galaga.

Day 1:

Covox (Stockholm, Sweden) 1:00am-2:00am

Square Wail (Seattle, WA) 12:05am-12:45am

Two Playa Game (Sacramento, CA) 11:10pm-11:50pm

Starpause (San Francisco, CA) 10:05pm-10:40pm

Trash80 (San Diego, CA) 9:15pm-9:50pm

Harbour (San Francisco, CA) 8:25pm-9:00pm

Wyatt Gurp (San Francisco, CA) 7:25pm-7:55pm

Fighter X (Everett, WA) 6:40pm-7:10pm

Kids Get Hit By Buses (Everett, WA) 5:55pm-6:25pm

DJ Moonchild is going to kick things off at 5:00pm and will be spinning in-between all of the sets.

Day 2:

8 Bit Weapon (Los Angeles, CA) 1:00am-2:00am

ComputeHer (Los Angeles, CA) 11:50pm-12:30am

Leeni (Seattle, WA) 10:55pm-11:35pm

Air Fortress (Portland, OR) 10:00pm-10:40pm

MC Firedrill (Olympia, WA) 8:50pm-9:30pm

Operation Mission (Portland, OR) 7:55pm-8:35pm

Spamtron (Portland, OR) 7:00pm-7:40pm

DJ Moonchild is going to kick things off at 6:00pm and will be spinning in-between all of the sets.

The event is 21+

Check out for more info.

World's first podcast recorded on a Talkboy?

We just released episode 43 of the Gamewave Podcast, and we tried something a little different this time - we recorded it using a Talkboy; I'm pretty sure that's the first time it's ever been done before.

The audio quality isn't actually that bad, but don't worry, we didn't record the music using the Talkboy - that would have been silly! And we did play some rad music this week: Je deviens dj en 3 jours, temp sound solutions, alex mauer, Pixelh8, Spheres of Chaos, Spamtron, NESMETAL, Starship Amazing, Dudymas, Skip and Virt. There's also a return of the 'Website of the Week' feature! Don't miss this show!

Head on over to or subscribe to the feed at

CHIPFEST - Seattle - April 12th

harsh presents a night of 8 bit noise/ break-core/ glitch featuring live sets by :



April 12th at the Hanta Haus
4750 Airport Way South
$10 solo $5 per person for groups of 2+ people!
all ages doors 7pm

See the website for the above information in pink text and a crazy flash animation!

The Analog Kid - Fixie Tricks album release

Though this fellow has been making chiptunes for quite sometime, this is actually his first official album release! This first album from The Analog Kid does not disappoint either! It's filled with 9 tracks he has made over the years, with a few covers and a collaboration with other chiptune great Spamtron, and clocking in at about 20 minutes. Fixie Tricks is a great first release from someone that is sure to rise to the status of a stellar chiptune composer, if he's not already there!

You can download the album yourself, free, at The Analog Kid's page at the new website

Gamewave Podcast Episode 39

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Gamewave Podcast Episode 39 is now available, and it's a good 'un, featuring music from Spamtron, Pixelh8, NES1, The Depreciation Guild, cheap dinosaurs, Jay Tholen and Sintecoraz. There's also a track from Disasterpeace's awesome new full-length, Level. Make sure to listen on some nice headphones.

(Like you haven't already), subscribe at

Individual episode

MAGFest VI wrap up

So MAGFest is over, and everyone who attended (which did not include me, sadly) can die happy, or more likely could go into hibernation until the build up to MAGFest VII starts heating up. Anyway, There is a ton of footage from the festival, I'm only posting a mere sampler of the smorgasbord of amazing things that went down this year. There are of course tons of stories, and anecdotes from this year that will come out in due time as people slowly recover.

One of my favorite anecdotes currently is from Paragon from theshizz forums.

Lots of great memories from this year.

Watching Hale and Pongball step out of the elevator and have such an amusingly puzzled look on their faces as this complete stranger smiles and waves at them like they're old friends.

Seeing spamtron, shouting "SPAMTRON!" and he shouts back "I LOVE YOU!" and hugs me and then asks me who I am. And then later, talking to him (or maybe more like being talked to by him).

Check out this handy thread for a ton of footage from MAGFest VI. I will probably be making another post like this one, when some more cool footage comes rolling in, so if you have some awesome MAGFest VI footage, hit up theshizz thread or send it my way!

Thanks to Kareshi from theshizz for gathering all the MAGFest media all in one place. Thanks to Sunny, Hale-Bopp and Pongball's photographs which I stole for this post. Shawn Phase for linking me to some cool footage, and all the folks who took some awesome footage and tossed it up on youtube! Here is that sampler of footage I spoke of earlier!

Armcannon rockin'
Liontamer and Hale-Bopp of OCRemix fame handling the beautiful OCRemix guitar.Hale-Bopp showing off the guitar.

Temp Sound Solutions Concert Clip

Select Start performing FF7 track

Sam, Mustin, Shawn Phase @ Jamspace

OCR doing "Carmen Sandiego" @ Jamspace

Arm Cannon - "Tecmo Super Bowl" from stage

Hex continues list for 2007's Biggest Nerd Artists

Looks like Hex has gotten through 70-41 of his year ending top 100 list. I found a lot of my favorite bands in the list this time, along with many a fellow I had never heard of before, but shall be checking out now.

Needless to say there are some folks who's placement don't sit well with me. Hex knows EXACTLY who I'm talking about, and actually mentions this in the person's placement blurb. I am actually ecstatic to see Elfonso and the Spamtron getting the recognition they deserve. Anyway, enough of my complaints. Go see who has made the list over at HexWarrior's blog and make your own complaints!

We also still have the next pieces of the top 100 to look forward to in the near future!

December 23, 2007: Nerds 11 - 40.

December 30, 2007: Top 10 Nerds

Final Gamewave Podcast Episode...For A While

The Gamewave Podcast have just released Episode 28 of their video game music show, and it’s the last episode featuring host Mike! The podcast is taking a break over the summer before uniting with video games blog 8bit Hero! to create an epic hybrid podcast of video game talk and music. But the GWPC leaves on a high, playing awesome music from the new netlabels Mega Twerp and II. Artists featured include disasterPEACE, Phlogiston, Temp Sound Solutions, Lutin, and Spamtron. Check it all out at

The podcast is also accepting artist and listener submitted shows over the summer break, so if you’re interested please get in touch with the show. And stay tuned to the VGM Megacast feed for the super show which the hosts of the Gamewave Podcast and VGM Megacast will be releasing soon.

Turrican 3 / Electro Static Discharge News

Here's some news. Straight from the mouth of amazing chiptunist Spamtron!
"This is Spamtron from the 16-bit vg-metal band, Electro Static Discharge! Our band just put together another music video! This one is for a cover of the classic Amiga game Turrican 3:

I also wanted to let you know about our current band lineup. It consists of the following, in order of joining us:

Spamtron - vocals, composition, production, guitar, technical wizardry
Simiankolya - (good friend of mine, also from the band Dagger of the Mind) guitar, vocals, keyboard
Lurker (multi-instrumentalist and good friend of ours) - bass, drums, vocals
Hassaneutral - (good friend of mine, has worked on a lot of Spamtron videos) video editing, technical wizardry, filming of shows
Riders - (videogame musician and good friend of ours) Online studio musician (since he's from Canada), chiptune assistance, consulting
Ashane - (vidoegame musician and good friend of ours) guitar, keyboard, mixing, technical wizardry

We're going to be playing several shows in Portland, Oregon this Spring, Summer, and so on. By the way, we recently played a successful basement show at the Simmhut. The audience got pwned!"
- Spamtron

You can find ESD's first album at the currently under construction


Spamtron and his "dewds" put together a music video for the song Badicality. It has copyright infringemint all over it, but who cares. Awesome is awesome. The song is from Spamtron and Electro Static Discharge's album entitled Triple Screen and is available over at the currently under construction Megatwerp. It's a free download so don't miss out!