Virus Oprstu goes Super Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog inspired rap album '50 Rings'

Original Character Rap. 

I am constantly reminded not to judge a book (or album, as it were) by it's cover. If I did so, I wouldn't have discovered this album full of Sonic The Hedgehog inspired hip hop, and you know this is a big plus for my Sonic inspired SUBCON podcast that will come to fruition someday.

Strap yourself in for some nostalgia-induced whiplash as Virus the Hedgehog takes you through all the forgotten levels in the SEGA universe. Tag along as he blasts through the special stage, risks a game over when he loses his last life, and drifts through the Space Dust Zone, all while battling the evil Dr. RoBITEnik who just keeps trying to bite his style and rhymes! 90’s kids will appreciate the throwback, Hip Hop aficionados will love the dope beats and Virus the Hedgehog’s undeniable lyrical talent. It’s a big win all around: RINGS FOR EVERYBODY!
— RudeTOON Records

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Published on Nov 8, 2012

Sonic___floating__by_BadShinesIzumi makes her first appearance on ReZonence. Aint she adorable! also she's kinda taking over my computer

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You like video game music remixed? Yeah me too! check this out. 

Something new for Rez. His new assistant Izumi has snuck into his music collection and nabbed a few of the best remix's she could find just for you. 

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The Flight Away uses Sega Genesis to create vibrant pop melodies in Sega Swing

Perhaps it is because of the shadow of Michael Jackson that lives on in the Sega Genesis' FM chip. Maybe it's the pop sensibilities of Jun Senoue and Crush 40 from the Sonic The Hedgehog series. All I know is that the Genesis is custom built for the catchy synth sounds captured in The Flight Away's latest album, Sega Swing.

Pop music isn't always the most well-liked, especially in a genre as niche as VG inspired Genesis sampled chiptune music, but those pop sensibilities are necessary and very much appreciated as I continue to adventure through the vibrant depths of video game inspired music.