New episode of STFUAJPGM

Chiptune podcast STFUAJPGM have just released their 5th episode, this one curated by yours truly, Joe Allen of the Gamewave Podcast.

As usual, each episode combines a mixtape of chiptune music, art, video and text, all centered around a particular theme. The theme for Episode 5 was Space, and we chose music from x|k, RushJet1, Skip, SLiVeR, Sabrepulse and Phlogiston. Check out the page for Episode 5 here, or download the ZIP here.

Gamewave Podcast Episode 40

Gamewave Podcast Episode 40 is now here! With some great music from Shnabubula, temp sound solutions and alex mauer, Je deviens DJ en 3 jours, SLiVeR, Punchface, Gijs Gieskes and USK why aren't you downloading already?!

Individual episode

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New Pterodactyl Squad release from SLiVeR

Pterodactyl Squad's first release since launching is A Speck in the Universe from awesome chiptunist SLiVeR.

"Utilising the 80s technology of the Nintendo Entertainment System SLiVeR delivers 8 tracks worthy of stellar classification. All 5 channels of the 2A03 are perfectly synchronised in steady ryhthm, emitting shimmering sounds and cosmic melodies infused with feeling. All MP3 tracks were recorded using real NES hardware, and there's the option to download in NSF form. Yes, this is NES music."

So get in on the action - head over to and grab some MP3s and NSFs!