Do The RPG with 2 Mello


Another hot track from the critically acclaimed (I'm a critic, so it's fair game for me to acclaim it) 2 Mello album the Game Center CX EP. A hip hop dance track is understandably rare in the nerdcore genre, but 2 Mello absolutely nails it with this track.

What I'd give to see a club full of nerds doing "The RPG."

Takeharu Ishimoto adds The World Ends With You live remixes to Soundcloud


Square-Enix Composer Takeharu Ishimoto has been posting a variety of live remixes from his soundtrack to The World Ends With You. There are also a smattering of other songs spread through out.

I was a big fan of a lot of the things that The World Ends With You brought to the table. A fast-paced modern day RPG with a distinct look, and even more distinct sound. That sound is thanks to Ishimoto's uptempo fusion of rock and techno. This is even more distinct in a well-recorded live setting.

It's hard to believe that the game came out all the way back in 2008. Battle system wise, I don't think any RPG has matched it since. This game was very unique and made the most of the dual screen technology of the DS. Considering the layout of the 3DS, it's hard to believe that if this game does get a true sequel, the gameplay will look similar to the original. I do hope that the crew gets back together and does another game with a similar style, but let this title rest with it's incredible and unique style of gameplay. What happened to spiritual successors in video games?