Pterodactyl Squad chiptune compilation 'Weezer - The Second 8-bit Album'

There isn't a lot to explain here. Weezer is one of the finest pop rock bands of the 90s, and chiptunes are wonderful. Listen to over a dozen different chiptune composers rearrange more classic Weezer tracks. These tracks are the perfect way to wind into the Autumn months.

It's been seven years since the original so we thought it was time for an update - here's our second tribute to those nerds in Weezer! Featuring all sorts of songs, from the band's biggest hits to obscure rarities, recreated using sound chips from old school video game consoles.

Thanks to Rivers Cuomo/Weezer (and The Rentals and Scott Murphy).


Music video debut 'Rocket Shoes' from chiptune rock duo Please Lose Battle

Chip rock audiovisuals sure to brighten your day.

Live version of the track “Rocket Shoes” from our release, Bedroom EP, out on Pterodactyl Squad.

Music and video by Please Lose Battle
Music recorded, mixed and mastered by Antoine Gohin at The Squirrel’s Kitchen Home Studio.
Shot and edited by Moritz Von Isotop.

Thanks for watching !

Matt, Janus, Moritz
Please Lose Battle

Electric Light Orchestra chiptune tribute compilation 'ELO: The Video Game OST'




The cover art for Electric Light Orchestra’s Out of the Blue is spacey and iconic and it got us thinking about how fun an ELO-themed shmup might have been back in the day... Well, here’s the next best thing: a chiptune tribute that could have worked as a soundtrack for such a game!

The eight artists here have used hardware and samples from various old video game consoles to pay tribute to some of Jeff Lynne’s most memorable songs, and it only seemed fitting to commission cover artwork that mimicked the crappy Atari box art of the same era when ELO rose to prominence. We hope you have as much fun listening as we did putting it together!
released 25 October 2014

Artwork by David Mauro
— - Pterodactyl Squad

Debut release from French chiptune duo, Please Lose Battle


Pterodactyl Squad have made their first release of 2014 with a 6-track EP from French chiptune duo, Please Lose Battle. It's full of NES sounds and highly infectious melodies, and is free to download over at the release page.

This debut EP from Please Lose Battle is a tribute to childhood gaming and the emotions we experienced back then: distraction, frustration, joy, impatience...

Everything here was made using FamiTracker with 2A03 + N163 or VRC6 (there is no DPCM channel, except for the effects at the end of the final track). The goal was to explore the possibilities and restrictions of a unique tool, in turn challenging musical creativity and songwriting.

Keep up to date with Please Lose Battle through their Facebook page.