Junk food drops Gourmet Deluxe mixtape of video game beats and jams

Intense video game based beats

As I bump this album, I feel like I have privileged knowledge, since this gripping mix of video games, chillwave, and hip hop just to scratch the surface, is hovering just below 1000 plays. By the time this article goes live, I hope to view the track list Junk Food is teasing once it breaks that 1K threshold. 

*~*~*~[PRESS START] ~*~*~*

These are some of my favorite tracks that I’ve been rinsing out at the moment, hope you play this loud af.
Shouts out to everyone featured in this mix!

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— Junk Food

JANKENPOPP's new chiptune album Teh Art Of Party Trolling available now

Party glitch music

The album isn't available to stream in full apparently (wack) but the album is free to download (cool!) You can get acquainted with The Art of Party Trolling with the opening track, "Teh Lulz"

I started with Game Boy music around 2007, at this time there was no smartphones, tablets or whatever and Game Boy was (and I think still is) the ultimate pocket music tool for party trolling. Back in the days I was squatting around Easter Europe and parting mostly every night. My favourite game was to try to play at every party I would go, so I used to ask every Dj I met: “Hey bro can I play some super Mario music after your track? Pleeeeease!”
The nostalgic guy usually said yes before to realize I was actually trolling ultra-happy-rave-core-music into the speakers, driving people instantly nut and party rocking next level for 1 or 2 tracks before somebody kicked me out LOL. Long story short, this is my first Game Boy album, did it for Teh Lulz & hope you enjoy it!

Tracks composed by Jankenpopp on LSDJ between 2010 and 2015. Performed live through a Kaosspad and a midas vintage console on 12th February 2015.
— Lowtoy Netlabel

Losap debut album Party Sometimes 'Gamewave' chiptune album


Laid back 'gamewave' chiptunes from the mysterious Losap. I honestly couldn't find out much about this fellow on a few rudimentary searches. All I dug up was a smattering of unrelated posts over on chipmusic.org.

Normally, I do this to send some love each musicians way, with a twitter link, or a soundcloud page, but due to Losap's general anonymity I can do no such favors this time. So if you are reading this, and you are digging some of Losap's chill tunes such as the earlier discussed November, or the party anthems of the album, "VIDEO GAME SH***************," and "Superbowl Party 3076" as much as I, then help in this grand search.

What's most unfortunate is that the last known whereabouts of Losap originate from Los Angeles. I'd love to see this entity at a live performance.