Get Tipsy, Final Fantasy IX turns 15!

To be fair, I haven't played anything past IX, so this game is definitely the end of the era of many years of Squaresoft fandom. Basically from Super Mario RPG to FFIX, Square could do no wrong.

I can't help but imagine the following track, Steiner's Still Tippin' as Zidane and his band of thieves dropping these Mike Jones fronted rhymes on Steiner's theme as a major diss to Steiner and his high falutin' moral code.

Especially savory in this mashup is the line 'Blowing on the endo, GameCube Nintendo' In the context of the mashup, it appears that Zidane is such a thug, that he was even playing a non Sony console. 

Do you still look forward to the latest Final Fantasy games? Do you prefer replaying the classics?