New NESMETAL EP on Pterodactyl Squad

Pterodactyl Squad have just dropped a new 7-track EP from NESMETAL titled Enthralled.

"Enthralled is an EP of two halves; the first sees NESMETAL experiment with new musical elements and ideas over the triptych of Ut Filiolus Palma, Labyrinth and The Risk, while the second is comprised of four rarities from various compilations and projects. But the real genius here lies in the first three tracks, where the addition of vocals and live guitar has pushed the NESMETAL sound to even further extremes in the pursuit and exploration of 8-bit inspired metal."

  1. Ut Filiolus Palma
  2. Labyrinth
  3. The Risk
  4. Bleed Cowardice (Bonus Track)
  5. The Throes Of Wickedness (Bonus Track)
  6. Throughout The Endless Ages (Bonus Track)
  7. Wily Castle - Stage 2 (Mega Man 10 Cover) (Bonus Track)

Wizwars - Gameboy Rock!! EP from Handheld Heroes

Thanks to California based Wizwars I have now heard of plucky young upstart netlabel Handheld Heroes, A label which celebrates their fourth release with Wizwars' own new EP Gameboy Rock!! (or grab the direct download).

The album is five tracks of catchy upbeat chip-rock anthems. Kicking off with the title track Gameboy Rock!! we power on and dive right into things with an in your face wall of, well, of Gameboy rock of course. The song hits hard and gets things off to a great start with it's lively rhythms and puts you in the perfect mood for the rest of the album. The EP keeps up this upbeat rock pace, which sometimes frenetic and sometimes a bit slow, but remains strong through out the meat of the album. Like many a rock album though, Wizwars holds the most somber song for last, this is also my favorites.

Right Back To You starts off with a soft piece, but a quick pause and we get some upbeat drum sounds to fill the void with some more energy. The lead instrument seems to tell a serious but heartfelt story for passers by to listen to. With the climax to the story coming in at about a minute and forty seconds. From the sound of the music though it seems to have a happy resolve. As the instruments fade out and we approach the end it feels like perhaps the listeners have learned a lesson from the story, and perhaps the storyteller, in retelling it has as well.

DISCONINJAZ chiptune netlabel releases Penny and Ashtay - Bonus Stage and Bottlesmoker - Walls / Messenger Day

The fairly new chiptune netlabel DISCONINJAZ is on the scene. The netlabel is run out of Moscow, Russia and Barcelona, Spain. I don't have a ton of info about them, but they have a pretty spiffy looking site and already have two new releases out for your enjoyment! Their first two releases available now through their website

First up is the release from Osaka, Japan based chip duo Penny and Ashtray. Their two song release Bonus Stage is a five minute romp through some catchy breakbeat tunes.

The second release from DISCONINJAZ is from a group hailing from Bandung, Indonesia. Bottlesmoker brings some airy casiopop tunes through their two songs on the Walls / Messenger Day release.

Both albums are short, but definitely catchy and are worth checking out from this new and interesting netlabel. Once again check it out at

Self-titled lutin album re-released on Pterodactyl Squad

The self-titled release (AKA "the pink album") from Canadian Game Boy artist, lutin is the first of Pterodactyl Squad's Mega Twerp re-releases.

lutin says "This record was written using a single Nanoloop 1.3 cartridge and an old Nintendo DMG Game Boy. I've included an additional 2 bonus tracks on this re-release: bourgeois murk and power down. Both tracks were written around the same time as the rest of the album, so I thought it was fitting that they be included on the release. I hope you enjoy them."

Catita! netlabel album releases

There is a pretty amazing new netlabel on the scene in Portugal. They go by the name Catita!

All their releases are free, and quite amazing! I've had the chance to give them a listen and have grown quite fond of Fest-noz Commodore and Every Cloud has your Smile in particular. All the albums are amazing though, and I'm sure there will be many more amazing ones to come! So bookmark these folks and keep an eye out for ever more releases!

This is a real chilled and laid back album by Newton Balloon, very ambient and relaxing and well worth a listen. I've been listening to this album quite a lot and can't recommend it enough. Certainly looking forward to hearing what this fellow comes up with next!

After a few months of "AFK", L'homme delivers some old and some fresh Rockman Zero inspired tunes. Enjoy these 7 awesome songs!

As you know, anything Mega Man inspired is definitely worth a listen. L'homme definitely brings his own style to it as well. Catita's latest release and it's quite different from his first Catita album.

Catita! proclaimed drum 'n' tendo style album from Skip, another fantastic artist on this new label which seems to bringing in some amazing talent!

This is the first release from Catita! and definitely my favorite one so far! This 3 song EP from L'homme Manete is quite brilliant and has entered my regular rotation of songs as of late. Definitely has to be heard!

I am more than happy to tell everyone about this new netlabel which will be bringing us plenty of free albums to look forward to! Head over to Catita! and grab all these amazing releases right now!

File Freakout

There's another new chiptune netlabel on the block. But it's all good, 'cos there are some awesome artists involved.

File Freakout has recently relaunched with a swish new site, and apparently "The future holds many more music releases and art projects. Be on the lookout for upcoming free mp3 releases, more NES cartridge releases, free ROM releases, vinyl releases, and tape realeases."

There are already two releases available from Jeff Fairlight and Alex Mauer, with more to come from The Animal Style, cheap dinosaurs and No Carrier.

Check it all out at


II is a new VGM-based venture headed up by disasterPEACE and Phlogiston, two of the greatest musical minds in chiptunes currently. Pronounced "pause", the new label has made only one release so far, but it doesn't matter when said release is so mindblowingly awesome. Featuring the talents of disasterPEACE, Phlogiston, Norrin Radd, Temp Sound Solutions and alex mauer, you know this ain't no ordinary project and EQUIP is definitely one release that should be present in your music collection. Head on over to the super-jazzy website and MySpace page for more fun.

Mega Twerp relaunch!

Mega Twerp, the awesome video game music netlabel is now back online! The site has undergone a redesign and, as well as being home to artists such as lutin, Electro Static Discharge, Disastertron, Phlogiston and Spheres of Chaos, the new release from Player Two is now available from MT.

Here's a blurb from the site which explains the Mega Twerp ethos:

"Sometime in the year 200x our history was lost. We are still searching for it. All we can tell you is that we bring you a great selection of Video Game Music. Every "Sub-Genre" is welcome to this site wether you like chiptunes, theme remixes and covers, video game metal, progressive, IDM-style, chip and bass, chip hop, pop, and even bebop. You get the picture. We think there are too many of these "Sub-Genres" and thought it'd be great to have all these styles under on totally awesome netlabel!"

Go, go, go!


If you're into video game music you'll probably be familiar with the concept of netlabels. Netlabels are usually online music labels or catalogues which distribute and promote music, often for free. Some of the most prominent VGM netlabels are 8bitpeoples, Betamod and Mega Twerp. It can be hard to keep track of releases made by the multitude of netlabels, but a site called bleepwatch is willing to do this for you. Calling itself the netlabel blog, bleepwatch makes a post every time a new netlabel release is made. The site covers mainly electronic music, but there is a specific chiptune section. Check it out!