Atari Blitzkrieg's 'Super' hip hop album


Rap tribute to over 20 years of SNES classics.

Released back in October of 2011 to celebrate the very important year that the SNES turned 20 years old. Blitzkrieg blasts through the 16-bit super classics with skill. Shout out to Nameless for the dope Actraiser beat! Cop the album physically, digitally, or in shirt form. Heavy rhymes, eclectic beats, bumping tunes.

The album kicks off with the masterful, simply unreal remix of my absolute favorite track from the Mother / Earthbound series. The baffling radio static of Dusty Dunes Desert. The original Hip Tanaka track struck a special cord with me, since growing up in Los Angeles meant many traffic jams in desert heat. This remix uses the original instrumental as a disorienting undercurrent to introduce a full album in tribute to the greatest console of all time.