2 Mello – Streets of Resistance

2 Mello – Streets of Resistance

As with most Mello mash up albums, there is always that theme or through line. Basically, 2 Mello's mash up albums sound like fully realized albums, and not just a collection of mashups he just bundled up and shipped out. It's just one part of why 2 Mello is the man.

Streets of Resistance has a vibe as if the story is being told by all the 'criminals' living in… oh, the city doesn't have a name. Well, crime is a complex thing, you can't get rid of it by just beating it up. Even if you have a bad ass soundtrack while doing it.

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Listen to SUBCON 32: 2 Mello EarthBIG tribute

The only podcast dedicated to video games & hip hop. 

All Earthbound, All Notorious. All 2 Mello. This is my first single album SUBCON podcast and it is in tribute to the longtime podcast mainstay 2 Mello and his most recent mashup adventure album EarthBIG. If you are too lazy to read my review, then this is the podcast for you. Unless you listen to the podcast on YouTube, because I don't expect an uncut version to sit on YouTube for long.

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The mashup return of 2 Mello: Earthbound X Biggie Smalls album EarthBIG

The mashup return of 2 Mello: Earthbound X Biggie Smalls album EarthBIG

More than any other product, franchise, character, or story, I feel like Earthbound is the most malleable. Many people who play the game have a heartfelt relationship with the old gray cartridge. It's obvious to say that Earthbound has become an incredibly influential piece of work among video game fans. 

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Castlevania based club music mixtape 'CASTLETWERKYA' by DJ SUPER SONIC

Drop it like it's holy water. 

This epic pair of mini mixtapes from DJ SUPER SONIC (all caps, naturally) gets whips cracking and asses dropping. I imagine that once the Belmonts dispose of old Drac, they throw some epic house parties throughout the mansion. Disco balls attached to Medusa heads, twerking in the gear room, and you know the party don't stop 'til sunrise.

Both albums are a mix of club ready beats, which meld perfectly with the ever malleable tunes of the original Castlevania, composed by Kinuyo Yamashita AKA James Banana. I'm seriously in love with each and every track on the original CV OST, and hearing them get some amazing dance club remixes just helps me appreciate them more. Whether they are hardcore spped metal covers, or booty shaking dance music, the original CV should be everyone's choice for most coverable / remixable / mashupable all time OST. 

Stream the SUBCON video game hip hop podcast - Final Fantasy special on Youtube.

I've begun the process of uploading the SUBCON podcast to youtube, so folks have one more venue to stream and listen to the show! For now, be sure to listen to the opening episode of the podcast, the Final Fantasy anniversary special! This episode is almost a year old at this point. The podcast has definitely come far in a few short episodes!

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Final Fantasy V Froskees Remix Version hip hop mashup album


Too good. Too damn good.

I've had a hard time writing about this album for the simple fact that I continuously hit rewind and replay and can't get through the damn album. The stirring music of Nobuo Uematsu from FFV backs the thug mentality of the opening mashup of Bone Thugs N Harmony and Notorious B.I.G.

The stand out track for me though is hands down Library of Ancients vs Childish Gambino. All at once, ominous yet catchy and head bobbing. Grab the full mashup album free on bandcamp.